Colour Trends for 2011

Mel Oliver from Turton/Oliver in the Queenwood Village gives us her insight into the interior decor trends shaping Hamilton houses this winter.

This years colour trends tends to be a variation from 2010, with only a few surprises. Greys are a more neutral colour this year being used to balance deeper more saturated colour shades. Ranging from almost white to very dark and shades in between. Purples while exciting a couple of years ago have now moved into the mainstream and will be as common as blue was in the 80’s & 90’s. Lighter shades of raisin tones, darkened mauves and blue/purple tones will be standard & common in all interior decorating elements.

Making a big comeback Blues —ice blues, turquoise have been popular for a while now but the shades of moody blues are finding their way back into our décor. When it comes to interior decorating green, is taking two different directions, look for green that moves into olive hues or leans into the browns and in the opposite direction greens that head towards shades of teal. For accent colours as mentioned true purples and yellow, becoming darker and richer finds its way inside the home and pink although popular for a while is still growing in its acceptance.

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