Ann Winder

About Ann

Ann just gets it. With a wealth of experience working alongside multiple high-performing agents over the last 7 years, she continuously draws on first-hand experience to create better ways of functioning. From the first point of action to the final inspection, Ann oversees the everyday details behind the scenes of Blair’s business and has perfected the art of making clients feel at ease.

Embodying the perfect combination of efficiency and confidence, Ann remains an anchor of calm and clarity for you in a time that can be anything but. Social at heart, clear communication and building rapport with clients comes naturally, making the process seamless and every interaction a pleasure. Exactly what you want from the one looking after your property behind the scenes.

Ann is a positive person, with fantastic energy. In her spare time, Ann loves to cook, spend time with her family & friends and of course, walk her little pup, Jack. Although work is demanding, there is always time to be spent filling her own cup up to ensure the team’s clients can benefit from the overflow.

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