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Dayna Tavendale

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Loyal to Lodge City Rentals for the past seven years, Dayna Tavendale has confidently worked her way up from Receptionist to Assistant Property Manager to, now, a thriving Property Management Consultant.

Dayna joined Lodge in 2014 where she worked at the desk for one year before experiencing an urge for something more challenging. “The time came where my job felt a bit easy. I needed something more to my day. It was important not to be complacent about that,” Dayna says.

At the time Dayna had identified what she describes as “a need for additional support for Lodge’s property management team.” Motivated to move into a more stimulating role, she created the Assistant Property Manager position alongside Lodge City Rentals’ General Manager, Jason Waugh.

Dayna worked in this role for almost three years. She supported Lodge’s team of Property Management Consultants - which included attending viewings and inspections - but without direct dealings with tenants and owners.

Dayna nothing short of aced her role, and was soon sought to join the team she was assisting. She has now been a Property Management Consultant for three years and counting.

“I’m fortunate I had the opportunity to be an Assistant Property Manager first. It was a really good entryway into the systems and processes of property management. I knew exactly what to expect before stepping into my role.”

Her confidence, in particular, has seen her land multiple ‘extra’ industry opportunities since then. “Earlier this year I was privileged to be asked to represent Lodge City Rentals speaking at a property management conference in Queenstown,” she says.

Not only that, alongside the traditional tasks associated with property management she’s also the face of Lodge City Rentals’ property walk-through videos on the company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“It’s something extra, something fun; a different element to the traditional Property Management Consultant position that I really enjoy doing,” she says.

Describing her overall approach to property management, Dayna says building trust is key. “One simple way I strive to do this, is to always take an interest. When a client mentions they’ve been on a holiday, for example, I listen. Fostering that personal relationship is really important and shapes mutual trust.

“I also aim to keep the line of communication open between myself, tenants and clients. I respond ASAP when I’ve received an email so the tenant or owner knows I’m aware of an issue, and it’s going to be dealt with,” she says.

When it comes to keeping clients happy, her philosophy is simple. “I consider things from their perspective. I’m a homeowner myself. If I was renting my house out, how would I want someone to look after it? That’s a really vital question to ask.”

Dayna Tavendale

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Dayna has been a pleasure to deal with.

Dayna has been a pleasure to deal with. She responds quickly and is thorough. We find her attitude very professional. We feel that she has our best interest at heart

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