Dave Wenham

Residential Sales & Lifestyle Consultant , Hamilton East W 07 856 2226 | M 021 269 5063 | E [email protected]

Dave Wenham

Residential Sales & Lifestyle Consultant Hamilton East

Make no mistake, it’s about your sale, or your purchase.

But for this to happen, it’s just as much about you – it’s about where to next, it’s about fulfillment, and it’s about securing your future.

If successful, it’ll be an honour to be appointed your Lifestyle & Residential agent. My single-minded focus will be to get you an outstanding result in as short-a-turnaround as possible.

First however, we’ll need to meet!

I’m a former teacher, and in that career my modus-operandi with any set of new students was to build trust through development of authentic relationships. This wasn’t time consuming, nor was it necessary to become close – but it did require certain fundamentals. The foundation is laid by asking quality questions, actively listening, and being genuinely interested in the person.

I offer the same approach in my career as a residential property agent.

Ideally you’ll feel valued to the point that you’re my number one priority. We’ll build a plan designed to fulfill most, if not all, your criteria for the sale or purchase.

- If you’re selling, I’ll pitch the property at the best-possible targets to get the result we’re after. Open homes, auctions, tenders, digital/traditional advertising, and old-fashioned talk are all on the table.
- If you’re buying, I won’t stop turning stones until the gem is revealed.
- I’ll apply all my negotiation and relationship skills to make the transaction as smooth and positive as possible.

Finding the ‘best-fit’ between the person and the property may not always be straight forward, but knowing the person, and knowing the property, sure helps me ‘cut-to-chase’.

And I have a good level of exposure to what works in real estate. My wife Paula is a successful agent with a solid number of years’ experience in Hamilton’s market. Together, we own and run a portfolio of investment properties. During the past 20 years, we’ve learned some excellent lessons in buying, maintaining, and selling properties with the goal of making the investment work for us.

Paula’s skills, networks, and experience are a perfect complement to what I’m offering, and we’ll be working together to drive the best possible result for you. We have access to some of the industry’s best software and databases, meaning we’ll be armed with the latest market insights to help us pitch the property at the right price and the right audience.

We’ll also be accessing data and information to streamline the sale/purchase process and keep ourselves fully informed of market dynamics. Together, Paula and I will tap in to right people at the right time.

Real estate has been an excellent vehicle for generating wealth and improving my personal quality of life – and I’m keen to share and be witness to a similar experience with my clients.

Let’s take things to the next level – give me a call today.
Dave Wenham

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