Marius Stanis

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Marius Stanis

Residential Sales Consultant Dinsdale

“I chose to get in to real estate because I’m fascinated of it and I have the opportunity to help people taking a smart decision in finding their dream home.”

Hi, I’m Marius Stanis, and what I do matters. It matters to both you and me.

My integrity is the one value I hold above all others, because it encompasses all that is true about great customer service – doing what you say you’ll do is an integral part of this, as is trust, honesty, and open and transparent communication.

Contracts and signatures are one thing – and, yes, they’re essential – but once a genuine relationship between us is established, I believe this serves as the strongest motive in getting our business done. I’m driven by fear – the fear of letting my clients down and not meeting their expectations.

(See below for my 10-point testimony that I use as my ‘check-list’ when working on behalf of both my vendors and those who might be seeking their next (or first!) property.)

My job is help you to better your lifestyle, invest wisely, and/or to grow your wealth. People who buy residential property generally have at least one factor in common: They’re doing so because they’re seeking some form of security – this might be to nurture their growing or expanding family, or it could come in the form of investing in a future income (be it through increases in capital and land values, or via a rental dividend).

What ever the motives are behind your next real estate transaction, I’ll need to meet with you to gain an understanding of your situation and get to know you. This often dictates how we approach the sales and marketing process, and can also influence how I might close out a deal.

I have the power of the reputable and established brand that is Lodge behind me, but I also have access to the significant resource it offers.

Market data, trends, statistics, and latest development opportunities can all have an effect on future sale values, and this kind of background information is frequently part of the process in striking a deal.

I also have the luxury of leveraging off some of the most experienced and knowledgeable colleagues in the Hamilton city market, and this can make a huge difference in being able to capitalise on opportunities early.

Give me a call today. I will go above and beyond to keep a smile on your face.

My 10 point testimony:

I will:

Respond quickly;
Anticipate client wishes;
Share information with clients;
Be patient;
Remember repeat clients in a personal manner, (for example, understanding and respecting their right to privacy and other pre-requisites);
Express genuine care;
Keep up clear lines of communication;
Go the extra mile;
Be honest, and;
Show compassion.

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