Jaggy Bhupal

Residential Sales Consultant, Rototuna W 07 854 5350 | M 021 0292 6265 | E jaggyb@lodge.co.nz

Jaggy Bhupal

Residential Sales Consultant Rototuna

I’m Jaggy Bhupal, and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your real estate needs.

I know what it takes to secure your own residential property: As an immigrant to New Zealand from India in 2008, it’s perhaps my greatest personal achievement to have bought my first property by 2013. I am multi-lingual and speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Among other factors, it took hard work, persistence, and not least of all a good deal of trust and faith in a genuine real estate professional.
Investing in real estate is a serious step for anyone, and whether you’re buying or selling it’s my responsibility to ensure you get unparalleled service and a stress-free, easy experience. I’m committed to providing relevant advice and information, and interacting in a friendly, effective, and timely manner.
Once you appoint me to act on your behalf, we’ll sit down to further discuss some specifics of the marketing and sales plan. Every property has its advantages and key selling points, and once this is nailed down we’ll decide on the most appropriate sale method. If you’re selling, the goal is to offer the property up to the widest pool of buyers possible, allowing the market to compete for the best price point and sale terms.

Should you be in the market to purchase, my goal is to understand what your ideal criteria is, and to present all options available within the market according to your budget. It’s a dynamic environment in the city right now, so it’s my job to be up-to-date on what’s happening, capitalising on my knowledge, information, and our good timing.

I consider myself an active listener and with a history in sales and service roles within banking and telecommunications, I have key skills and experience that are necessary to succeed in real estate. I’m a soft-spoken person, and I’ll always be transparent with customers and colleagues. If I say I’m going to do something, rest-assured it’ll be acted on.

On the personal front, I’m a happily married father-of-two, and in my spare time I enjoy working with cars, watching documentaries/movies, gardening, and listening to music.

It’s gratifying to be given the chance to act on your behalf – it’s important to me to assist people in achieving their goals, and I value your business.
Expect the following from me:
* That your sale/purchase process will be kept simple, transparent, and easy to understand;
* That you’ll be treated with respect;
* That I’ll be enthusiastic, genuine, and passionate in getting you the result you’re after.

Give me a call today.
What clients say

Jaggy was absolutely lovely to deal with when I was looking for my first home. He is extremely approachable and flexible and would communicate with me and setup viewings whenever it suited me. He would always be available to answer questions and organise viewings. In this sellers market, I was able to secure a wonderful home and avoid a multi offer scenario thanks to Jaggy. He has really good negotiation skills and was able to negotiate with the seller to get me a good deal. He is a very hardworking and lovely individual who puts the needs of his clients first. I am certain that his clients will be getting the best service when they work with Jaggy, be it selling their properties or purchasing one.


With Jaggy’s tremendous efforts and assistance, we were able to get our first home. He was extremely reliable and very easy to work with. He has been amazing right from the start and always been there with us in every stage of our home buying journey. You can feel his sincerity and kindness in everything he say or do. With him, you are assured what to expect because of his transparent and flexible personality but can also go way beyond to assist and help you even with the smallest thing/issue. You definitely want Jaggy in your team. Can’t recommend him enough.

Rowel & Maria

I have been invested in properties for over ten years and know so many agents, I have to say that Jaggy is the best agent I have worked with. He does not just help me to sell the houses. He also provide valuable help to present our houses, including cleaning, gardening, staging and other things. He sold one of our investment properties additionally 100K over our best expectation. Jaggy is truly my first choice to market my properties in Hamilton.

William Weng, Juliet Weng and Steve Wayne

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