Clyde Bartle

Residential Sales Consultant, Dinsdale W 07 847 7800 | M 027 417 5523 | E [email protected]

Clyde Bartle

Residential Sales Consultant Dinsdale

‘Home is where your heart is….’
‘Jou huis is waar jou hart is…’

Good day, Goeie dag.

This is what I believe in:
1. Treating clients and colleagues with respect.
2. Being kind to those around you.
3. Going the extra mile for clients and customers.

This involves being knowledgeable, showing empathy, being a problem solver and helping clients and customers make the right decision. In honouring these principles, I strive to be the best agent in Hamilton.

A satisfied customer will be my main business strategy. To achieve this goal, I’ll gain an understanding of your circumstances, your needs, your motives, and your non-negotiables. The value of time spent communicating about aspects that are key to a successful outcome, forms the backbone of building strong, lasting, healthy relationships. By knowing my customers, the better I can be of service to them.

I’ll work on a strategy and marketing plan to suit your needs and when the time is right, I will work with you to execute a successful sale or purchase. My reputation, and my business, relies on loyalty and trust, and these are values that I focus on in all my real estate dealings. Make no mistake, I want your business, but of even greater value to me is your repeat business and ongoing referrals of friends, family, and work colleagues.

For this reason, you’ll find me acting with sincerity, transparency, and honesty. Real estate transactions are significant and can represent a true crossroad in your life; my job is to ensure your experience is positive, secure, and financially and personally rewarding for you, your family, and/or your business partners.

My background includes growing up and living in South Africa. There I have been a qualified pharmacist for almost two decades, managing and leading an awesome team of staff. I also owned and managed my own pharmacy in Cape Town. Besides my pharmacy degree, I have a graduate diploma in teaching, and, of course, my certificate in real estate.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing guitar, bass guitar and drums and serve in our worship ministry. I love hunting, camping, motorcycling, and playing golf. I have a beautiful wife, who is a brilliant dentist, and two beautiful daughters.

Real estate has always been a great way to build wealth to secure a future, and this is exactly what I did before leaving South Africa. But with New Zealand now home, opportunity abounds.

I look forward to meeting you soon and would love to help you with your next step in real estate.

Give me a call today.

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