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It’s a pleasure to introduce myself, Ajay Bhagat, to you.

I look forward to helping you list, market, and sell your home or investment property – which will no doubt set you on to the path of greater investment, or at least allow you the opportunity to gain a greater level of financial freedom.

Alternatively, and perhaps in addition, you’ll be seeking to buy in Hamilton’s buoyant residential housing market. I’m excited for you, because our ‘city of the future’ offers diversity, excellent surrounding infrastructure and public transport solutions, and great potential for capital gain.

Now is certainly a good time to sell or buy your next home or investment property, because the city continues to grow, and the demand for housing remains strong.

As your agent, my top-3 commitments are to:

- Provide first class service. This involves quickly responding to your questions and requests – I will be just a phone call or text away! My service commitment also means I’ll be working proactively to attend to all necessary detail and paperwork ahead of time; I’m organised and thorough in my preparation.
- Act with honesty and integrity. In this business, reputation and referrals are an agent’s bread and butter. You can rely on me to be your best advocate, and I’ll welcome your feedback throughout the sale or purchase process. I will treat you, your family, and your personal information/property with respect at all times.
- Be across the market. Timing can make all the difference in real estate success. It’s my job to know what’s going on from week-to-week in the market. It’s my job to know who the potential buyers are, what signals they’re giving, and when I should close a deal. It’s my job to know what properties are entering the market, or what’s holding back a potential deal. It’s my job to find solutions. It’s my job to target, negotiate, and sell.

My biggest asset is my self-belief. In the past I’ve worked hard to set myself up, and now I find myself in an industry that encourages people to be the best they can be. I’m hard-working, patient, and dedicated, and I’m grateful for all that has come my way.

Real estate is exciting and rewarding because it’s about facilitating positive life-commitments and helping people build wealth, find security, and ultimately gain financial freedom.

Once you appoint me I’ll want to map out your goals, preferences, concerns, and criteria. We’ll build a plan together, and I’ll draw up a marketing campaign to suit.

Let me be your key person in getting you what you’re after! It’s going to a great ride, and I’m sure we’ll all be smiling about a good deal done. That’s what it’s all about.

Give me a call today.

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Ajay Bhagat

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