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Hi, I’m Sweta Sonar, and it’s an exciting time for you if you’re thinking about cashing up on your residential property, or seeking to buy in Hamilton – one of the country’s most dynamic urban centres!

This city has a wide variety of suburbs, all with their own strengths and unique amenities. Make no mistake – there’s something for everyone.

It’s a good time to be thinking about a change, because indications are the market is ready to ‘get into gear’ again and there are plenty of opportunities for investment, wealth creation, and good equity gains.

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a different purpose, such as purchasing a home for family or lifestyle reasons, you’re certainly looking in the right place because the options are plentiful – from stylish apartment-living to townhouses, to low maintenance modern homes, through to established and charming old bungalows and villas.

I have all those options at my fingertips, along with key industry contacts and relevant and up-to-date information and sales data – these will help you make an informed decision.
I’m an agent that always seeks to make a big difference to the selling or purchasing process.

With strong skills in developing connections and building personal relationships, my style is also flexible in that I’m open to new ideas and different approaches.

I’m a trained sales professional, which means I specialise in highlighting strengths, looking for buying signals, overcoming barriers, asking for the sale, and doing deals that are mutually beneficial.

It’s very rewarding to see everyone smiling when a sale is closed, and this is one of the aspects of real estate I enjoy most.

To me, great service means treating my clients with respect and politeness. It also means being responsive and proactive, and this relies on me knowing my clients, their circumstances, their goals, and their needs.

So before we start the process of listing or looking, I’ll want to sit down with you to gain an understanding of what your non-negotiables are, along with key criteria for the ideal sale, ideal home, or ideal stepping-stone. If you’re selling, we’ll work out a marketing and sales plan. If you’re buying, we’ll narrow down the options (and if there’s not enough choice, I’ll use my database to ‘wake up’ potential sellers who may not have yet listed).

You can rely on me to deliver a positive overall experience. I will work hard on your behalf, I’ll be available for you, I’ll attend to all the detail, and I’ll be responsive in everything that I do.

I strive to be successful every day. Let me list your property now, or let me act on your behalf to negotiate a good purchase, along with favourable conditions.

Call me today. Sweta Sonar.

Sweta Sonar

Residential Sales Consultant

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Sweta Sonar

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