Steph Cole

Residential Sales Consultant , Dinsdale W 07 847 7800 | M 027 405 8557 | E

Steph Cole

Residential Sales Consultant Dinsdale

I have always prided myself on the extra effort and work ethic that I pour into all roles in my life. That work ethic is especially applied to my career as a real estate agent – I won’t stop being your number one advocate until your sale or purchase is complete.

I offer a good degree of experience, providing me with a good understanding of how the market and the industry operates.

Client feedback suggests this helps me deliver insight, maturity, and objectivity during the process. I’m frequently praised for my personal approach, meaning my clients find my style genuine, sincere, and trustworthy.

It’s my calm approach, together with good listening and follow-up skills, that I believe helps me hit right standard of customer service for the best possible results.

I have a deep appreciation that buying or selling residential real estate can involve a high degree of financial and emotional stress – in reality, after all, it does involve the biggest asset or potential liability that people will come across in their lives!

I therefore take my responsibility very seriously. My job is to minimise the stress and anxiety by finding a suitable property that is fit for your purpose, or to get your most-prized asset sold for the best price the market recognises.

I’ll do this as efficiently as possible, communicating with you throughout. My goal is to make the experience rewarding and exciting for both buyer and seller. That way, you’ll hopefully want to do it all again someday – repeat business is gold in this line of work, but I know I’ve got to earn that first!

Before my career in real estate I’ve worked in the hospitality, accommodation, photography, and horse-racing industries. Obviously, I’ve dealt with people from all walks of life, and I know that when it comes to customer service the minimum standard, we all expect is honesty and integrity.

Oh, I’ve also been a great Mum – my kids tell me so! That’s my best personal achievement by far.

While real estate is about ‘getting back what you put-in’, and can mean long hours, I’m secure in the knowledge that I’m not only doing it for myself, or for my reputation, or for my own means.

I’m doing it for you.

Give me a call today.

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