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I’m Diana Crystal-Chen, and satisfying my customers’ real estate needs are what motivates me every day.

When you start the process toward buying or selling your next residential home (or property investment), my job is to act as the main agent in smoothing the process – to remove any potential pitfalls, barriers, or distractions.

On the plus-side, I also commit to adding value to the process through my market knowledge, vision, professional contacts, marketing, and negotiation skills. I will look after your needs and interests, that’s my bread-and-butter.

I want your experience to be worry-free and enjoyable, because buying or selling a large asset like a new apartment or house marks a genuine new era in your life journey.

Everyone’s needs are different, although generally people either sell (or buy) residential property for one of three reasons: family, lifestyle, or investment purposes.

My first job will be to sit down with you to find out what your specific goals are, together with your budget, timeline, and any other necessary criteria. I’ll share current market information and data with you, which should help you gain an understanding and ‘feel’ for the market in the neighbourhood.

I’ll then work with you to design a marketing plan to reach our immediate goal, perhaps with a view to other future milestones (as you know, the property ladder has many rungs and unlimited potential for wealth creation and financial/lifestyle freedom!).

If you’re selling, I’ll use traditional marketing media and modern social media platforms to promote your property. If you’re buying, I’ll use your non-negotiable criteria to come up with options most-suited to your situation.

I’ve worked in both commercial and residential real estate since 2007, and therefore have the experience and knowledge that is required for sound decision making, no matter what cycle the local market is in.

One of the advantages of appointing me is that I like to think up to three steps ahead in the process, anticipating options and responding to can be an evolving situation as deals progress through to settlement date.

I also have a wide network of engaged buyers, together with a list of buyers who may not be ‘hot’, but are awaiting their opportunity. My contact list includes real estate colleagues throughout Hamilton, so I’m always confident of achieving the exposure my sellers’ properties deserve.

While my awards are perhaps a symbol of my success in real estate, my true reward is seeing the joy in my customer’s eyes when a deal is brokered and signed.

I’m across the market every day; that’s a core part of my job.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell, we’ll make it happen. Give me a call, or drop me an email, today.

Diana-Crystal Chen

Residential Sales Consultant

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Diana-Crystal Chen

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