Diana-Crystal Chen

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Diana-Crystal Chen

Residential Sales Consultant

Do you have a property to sell and would like to know what it may be worth within today's current market? Please call us today.
With well over $350 million dollars in personal sales, Realestate professionals, Ken Lusby and Diana-Crystal Chen, are a power team. Well recognised in the local property market, they have a wealth of experience, outstanding industry achievements and awards, and a diverse pool of qualifications and talents.

Having a finely honed sense of each other's strengths and skills allows Ken and Diana to work dynamically together in an industry which they are mutually passionate about. Their reputations are founded on integrity, trustworthiness and a high level of professionalism. They are results-driven and get immense enjoyment from helping vendors and purchasers alike achieve their goals.

We focus on negotiating the best possible price.

Underpinning their success is the pair's ability to communicate effectively. A relaxed, no pressure attitude enables Ken and Diana to work effortlessly closing contracts and gaining their clients' trust and respect.

We have our clients' best interests at heart.

Achieving number one office sales person (within a previous company) on numerous occasions clearly demonstrates Ken's dedication and professionalism. His background in the building industry is a great asset, along with his many years’ experience in the Hamilton property market.

Enthusiasm, drive and immense housing knowledge ensure Diana's stand-out success. In 2016, she achieved number one salesperson single-handedly - without a personal assistant.

A winning combination in the fast-paced world of real estate, Ken and Diana are a specialist team.

If you're considering selling or purchasing property, or you know of someone looking to appoint a real estate professionals, give Ken or Diana a call today.

We open your door to a wider range of buyers!

Meet Diana
I started my real estate career in 2007 and haven't looked back. Over this period I've worked with unremitting commitment and this is reflected in the multiple annual awards including Double Diamond awards and others that have come my way,

My greatest driver is to provide excellent service for both sellers and purchasers. I derive a great deal of satisfaction in achieving an agreeable outcome for all my customers, and believe this results from genuine enthusiasm, strong negotiation skills, and broad knowledge and experience in both the building and real estate industries.

We focus on negotiating the best possible price while keeping both purchasers and vendors well informed throughout the selling process.

Meet Ken
My real estate career started with a bang in 2004 by achieving Rookie status within my first six months. I went on to manage an office of some 17 sales people for almost four years in Rototuna. Over the years I've earned including many monthly awards, a national top 20 sales person placing and Double Diamond achiever awards within previous Realestate companies.

I draw on a background in sales, marketing and management, including group manager of three companies, and 22 years working in the building industry. My real estate knowledge and understanding is very robust.

My achievements have strengthened through having a solid client data base,
building a strong rapport with clients and purchasers,
and gaining repeat and referral business from them.

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