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Jo Foley

Residential Sales Consultant Hamilton East

Jo’s first foray into real estate was an instant hit, and for the past 2 decades she’s been among Lodge’s (and Hamilton’s) leading salespeople.
A warm and engaging personality, Jo has relied on customer service and word of mouth for her success.
Renowned for marketing and selling City-fringe properties; from ‘First’ homes, to charming ‘Characters’ onto some of Hamilton’s finest ‘Landmark’ properties, Jo has achieved some outstanding results for her vendors.
Consistently in our Top 5 agents for over 10 years Jo’s approach to real estate is passionate, professional and positive.
“I have now been selling real estate in Hamilton for more than 20 years and can still say I love my job! It’s the opportunity I have every day to meet new people, view their homes and form a relationship with their families, is what makes my job so rewarding and what drives me. I respect the trust my clients put in me to sell their most valuable asset.
One of the changes I have noticed over the past few years in real estate is many of Hamilton’s top agents have a team of people assisting them in the day to day running of their business and conducting open homes. I have chosen not to take this path; I want to continue offering a personal, “Boutique” style of service, backed by the strength of Lodge’s size and brand, a family firm with great family values and the company I choose to work for.
“From day one I’ll treat your home as if it was my own. From my recommendations on the presentation of your property, to the most-effective marketing method to ensure your home has the best chance of achieving a premium price, to being on site while photography is taking place.
I like to be across all aspects of your sale!
I promise my clients a friendly, professional service, with direct feedback after private appointments and open homes.
“I focus on your sale process being as stress-free and positive as possible, ensuring your best interests are always a priority."
“My business is long term – I want clients to be delighted with my service and the result achieved for their home and to recommend me to their family and friends."
“My past clients and their referrals now form a large part of my ongoing business; this is the greatest compliment I can receive and one I strive for."
“So, if you are looking to have a proven salesperson to work with you to help buy or sell your home, give me a call, I’d love to hear from you!”
Jo Foley

We cannot recommend Jo highly enough.

We cannot recommend Jo highly enough.
When we first met Jo, we were not actively planning on buying a new house, rather we saw online the house of our dreams – a mere 10 days before Auction! And there began our relationship. As buyers, Jo was incredibly supportive, accommodating, always cheerfully answering our questions, and going out of her way to let us view the house around her and our busy schedules.
Once we had secured our new house there was absolutely no question in our mind that Jo would be the agent to sell our current house.
Jo offered us clear and professional guidance through the quagmire of the real estate industry, suggesting where to put the effort in, when to act and when to wait. Together we easily worked out the best campaign for us, her clarity made decision making an easy task. Selling our house happened as seamlessly as buying with Jo at the helm.
With Jo’s help we managed to secure the house of our dreams and sell the house we had loved for years to a great family who loved it. Jo is great to talk to, a clear communicator and always brightened our day with her visits or phone calls – now it’s all over we miss our daily contact!

Oliver and Victoria Russell

We have bought and sold numerous properties with Jo over the years.

We have bought and sold numerous properties with Jo over the years. Starting from our first home together, through to our forever family home. Jo has a knack of knowing what we needed out of a home, sometimes before we even knew it ourselves. She found us houses we could grow into as our life evolved, rather than just meeting the current needs at the time.
It took us over two years to find our final property as we had a very specific search criteria. Many people may have given up on us, but not Jo. During this time, she was patient, supportive and understanding of our requirements. No pressure was put upon us to make choices we were not happy with. We were in charge of the process rather than feeling forced into any decisions.
Jo was totally invested in the selling and purchasing of our properties. We know she did a lot of work behind the scenes to secure our deals, yet never passed this stress onto us.
Jo took control of the entire process. She kept us informed along the way and no question was ever too big or too small. Her communication of all the events that unfolded was excellent. She gave us sound advice when negotiating our deals, which left us feeling confident in the decisions we made.
Jo was instrumental in securing our forever family home and we are extremely grateful to her. It was her connections, knowledge and insight that found us a place that ticked all our boxes. We know we simply could not have obtained our dream property without her.
We have no hesitation in recommending Jo to others whether they are buying or selling a property in the Hamilton market.

Claire and Craig Blomfield

I chose Jo to sell my last two houses because she stood out as an agent of experience, helpfulness, positivity, and integrity.

I chose Jo to sell my last two houses because she stood out as an agent of experience, helpfulness, positivity, and integrity.
Professionally she is superb and is a wealth of information, advice and useful contacts. She always answers enquires promptly and helpfully. She is careful to always act with respect integrity and fairness to her clients and other agents. She doesn’t play games to win clients over with false promises and unrealistic prize expectations, and values up front honesty and realistic advice that you can trust.
I was particularly impressed when she continued to give me helpful advice and support even when there was no financial benefit to her.
She is in real estate for the long game and has built her business through word of mouth from satisfied customers.
She has a real understanding of what people are looking for and how to promote and market your home to appeal to the right buyers.
She has given me useful, honest advice on how to present my home for open homes, so it appealed to buyers. She was not afraid to tell me the things that needed improving or changing, and by following her advice to the letter, buyer feedback was very positive for both homes. In fact, people thought we had used professional home stagers.
Jo understands that selling and buying a home is not just a business decision and she also gives outstanding emotional support. She was endlessly patient and helpful as we dithered to and fro before we were finally emotionally ready to let go and downsize the family home. She was equally sensitive when I was selling my deceased parents’ home, and realized I was selling so many childhood memories while still grieving. She was also helpful in telling me how to handle things emotionally in the sometimes-ruthless world of real-estate. She understands how intimidating things like, an Auction can be for first time buyers or sellers and gives you lots of support on what to expect and effective strategies when bidding. She also has a knack of translating legal jargon into understandable terms before she asks you to sign documents etc.
She is a very positive upbeat person who genuinely enjoys her job. Her enthusiasm for your home is infectious and I am sure creating a great vibe for her open homes.
So, if you are looking for an experienced agent with integrity, sensitivity and positivity who delivers great results you should give Jo a call.

Annemarie Coulson

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