Binyan LU

Residential Sales Consultant , Dinsdale W 07 847 7800 | M 022 037 0455 | E [email protected]

Binyan LU

Residential Sales Consultant Dinsdale

Getting houses sold for their true value is a simple process.

But that’s not to say it’s easy.

It requires deep understanding of the neighbourhood, an ability to be in-tune with sale signals and trigger points, an excellent marketing plan, and good timing and networking skills.

Like many aspects of life itself, being successful in real estate is a constant work-in-progress – you’ve got to stay on top of the market dynamics, and you’ve got to regularly communicate with your stakeholders, primarily your sellers and buyers.

My name is Binyan Lu, and it’s my commitment to you, either as a seller or a buyer, to help broker a deal that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

I always do my best to handle all issues (big or small) in an effective and efficient way, ensuring my customers are satisfied with their outcomes.

Working with you, these are the four main principles I’ll stick to as we strive for the best result possible:

1. Interactions will be genuine and honest
2. Sellers and buyers will be treated with respect and dignity
3. Sellers will only be presented with the best and most-relevant offers.
4. Buyers and sellers can expect a high level of transparency

Make no mistake, real estate is very competitive.

It is therefore important to differentiate, and this involves marketing your true strengths. Every property has a unique selling point, but knowing a buyer’s motives is also a large part of the battle. I pride myself on knowing who’s who in the buying circle.

I believe part of my appeal is my ability to get to know people, which means I’m able to treat potential buyers and sellers as individuals, tapping in to what will drive them toward specific decisions. I’m also able to stand out from others because I strive to maintain strong relationship with my customers.

My goal is to provide a first-class customer experience, all the while developing a referral network that respects me for my integrity and reliability.

For sellers, here’s my over-arching plan for your property.

1. We’ll develop a business plan and stick to it for a set period.
2. We’ll avoid the ‘hard sell’ routine, instead adopting more of a consultancy role to get a satisfying, happy, result for both seller and buyer
3. I’ll make myself available to get the deal done – I’m mobile, and I’m in constant contact with my network of colleagues, buyers, and sellers. You can expect top
line communication about what’s happening as the sales process unfolds.
Give me a call today.

Let’s get that property sold, or make that dream home a reality.
Binyan LU

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