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The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 4 December 2023


Hamilton Airport Update

With a new refurbishment, an influx of development, and improved connection thanks to the Waikato Expressway, the Hamilton Airport is undergoing rapid and exciting changes. And as the gateway to our region it presents many opportunities to our people and businesses.

In this episode we talk to Mark Morgan, CEO of Hamilton Airport, about some of the exciting developments going on in and around it.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 7 November 2023

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Selling your First Home

Selling your home for the first time can be a whole new ‘kettle of fish’, with a fresh set of jargon and processes that you may not have come across when you bought your first home.

In today's episode Lodge Managing Director Jeremy O'Rourke talks to first-time vendor Rosie, and her Lodge salesperson Amanda Reilly to give you an idea of what to expect when you sell your beloved first home.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 18 July 2023


Finance tips to create budget breathing room

Seems life is getting more and more expensive by the day. With increased food prices, utility prices, and interest rates leaving many Kiwis feeling the pinch on their pocket, and banks starting to see an increase in people getting behind on their debt.

In light of this, we thought we’d ask our friends Jordan and Alex from Total Mortgages for some practical tips and advice on how you can manage your debt to free up your cashflow and stave off financial hardship.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 20 June 2023


Hamilton Marist and Mates Matter jersey auction

Hamilton Marist celebrated its club centenary this year. And while much has changed in the last 100 years, their importance as a community connector remains undeniable, and that's why Lodge continues to support the Mighty Green Machine.

To talk about the club's past, present, and future in the studio we have Club Captain James Walsh and Under 85s coach Ryan Gulbransen. We discover it's about more than just rugby down at the club, with plenty of exciting developments in the pipeline, and a special charity game and jersey auction coming up for Mates Matter NZ.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 6 June 2023

Talking netball with the Avis WaiBOP Magic

A bit of a departure from our regular real estate chat, in this episode our host Sue Hall talks to Georgie Edgecombe, Georgia Takarangi, and Simmon Wilbore from the Avis Waikato BOP Magic. Our hometown heroes share the path they took to representing Waikato BOP in New Zealand's premier Netball championship, the pressure of playing professional sport, and ok just a little bit about their property journey.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 26 May 2023

Check out the latest Hamilton suburb stats

Get the latest performance stats on Hamilton suburbs including recent sales, median prices, and more.

Explore Suburb Stats

The method and the math on subdivision

In this podcast we discuss a bit of magic, namely how you can turn one section into two via subdivision. To be honest there’s no magic involved, but the whole process can seem a bit smoke and mirrors to the average homeowner.

To help you get an idea of what you can do with your property, who can help, and if it’s worth it, Philip Barrett, Senior Planner at Cheal Consultants does the math and discusses the method on subdividing your property.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 8 May 2023


A green thumb's guide to Hamilton

Sorry Christchurch, but Hamilton is NZ's true garden city! If you're a gardener living here or looking to live here listen in as John Gavin, Lodge's resident green thumb, shares his tips, tricks, and local knowledge to help you achieve gardening success in Hamilton. Including what you might need to consider when buying a home here, the challenges you'll face each season, and what you can do in the garden to help sell your home. Listen out for John's lie too to enter the draw to win a Dalton's prize pack.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 3 May 2023

Property Investment

The rules, regs, and realities of owning a rental

So you’re looking to buy your first (or tenth) investment property, or planning to turn your current home into a rental – what should be your first move? How do you decide if a property will suit being a rental? Do you renovate before securing tenants, and what changes could help increase your rental yield?

To find out what quality tenants are looking for, the rules and regulations around rental properties and how to set yourself up for success as a landlord, tune into this latest episode.

Our host Jeremy O’Rourke is joined by two seasoned experts from Lodge City Rentals, business development manager Nic Elliottyson and property manager Zack Cathcart, to uncover the home truths every investment property owner should know.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 24 April 2023

Inspecting Building Inspections

Buying property is one of, if not the largest purchase most of us will ever make. So it pays to make sure your dream home won’t turn into a nightmare down the track with a pre-purchase building inspection.

Setting the record straight on why a building report is a non-negotiable and well-worth the relatively small cost (compared to the house!), our host Jeremy O’Rourke is joined by Ryan Gulbransen, a Hamilton-based building inspector with Know Your Building, and Neil Archer, a former builder and now Residential and Lifestyle Sales Consultant with Lodge Real Estate.

Press play now to hear them talk through how knowledge is power when it comes to buying property, what a building report will (and won’t) identify, and some examples they’ve seen ‘out in the field.’

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 12 April 2023

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