People and property. At Lodge City Rentals, we’re in the business of protecting your property investment, but we’re also passionate about delivering a high quality service to property owners and tenants.

With more than 50 years’ of experience in the property management industry, we know that to achieve the very best returns for our property investors, time needs to be spent securing the very best tenants.

That’s why we work in partnership with tenants and property owners, and why we’re Hamilton’s award-winning property management company.

Our services

At Lodge City Rentals, we offer a full range of property management services:

Rent collection

We ensure your tenants pay their rent on time, every time. If your tenants are behind in their rental payments, we’ll take the appropriate steps to ensure your rent is paid.


We conduct a formal inspection of your property once every three months and provide a report of this inspection to you. As a landlord, you are most welcome to join your property manager on this inspection.

Property Maintenance

We undertake regular maintenance checks on your property to keep it at a tenantable standard and to ensure your tenants are keeping the property clean and tidy.

Project Management

If your property requires repairs and maintenance, we can project manage the process, taking the headache and hassle away from you.

Industry Knowledge

Our team live and breathe property here in Hamilton. We keep an eye on market trends and will update you on any legislative changes that could affect you and your property portfolio.

Tenant applications

Every month, our team of property managers generate over 1,400 enquiries. To secure the right tenant for your property, we follow a comprehensive application process which all tenants must complete.

Property advertisements

We advertise your property at no extra cost on our website portals and in the windows of our branches, to attract the best tenant for your property.

Dispute resolution

Owning a residential investment shouldn’t mean spending your free time sorting out problems. You are more productive using that time to build your portfolio and build your wealth.

We stay up to date with your legal rights and move quickly to resolve issues which arise.

The most common areas in which issues arise are:

  • rent arrears
  • repairs and maintenance
  • tenants refusing access
  • damage to property
  • general issues around legal obligations.

Tenancy Tribunal representation

If a problem is not resolved, Lodge City Rentals property managers will represent landlords at the Tenancy Tribunal. 

The benefits of having a property manager to resolve your disputes include:

  • Knowledge - All our property managers are highly trained and familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 & Amendments and the rights and obligations for both landlords and tenants.
  • Systems – Our in-house management information systems captures the history of the tenancy, including payment history and communications to ensure we are well prepared for the tribunal.
  • Training - Our property managers are constantly upskilled and trained on all the latest rules and regulations.
  • Experience - When required, our property managers represent our landlords at mediations and tenancy tribunal hearings. With over 3000 tenancies under our care we have a depth of experience in attending these forums.

As a property owner, you want to place your investment in the hands of a property manager you can trust. At Lodge City Rentals in Hamilton, protecting your investment drives everything we do. Our team of experienced property managers are committed, proactive and trustworthy. They look after your properties as if they are their own.

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