How much do we charge?

We understand your property investment portfolio is an investment in your future. That is why we only charge a management fee on the rent we collect for you. Lodge City Rentals’ fee is 8.5% + GST of the rent.

We collect the rent throughout the month and transfer it into your account at the beginning of each month. We also offer the option of a money transfer on the 15th of the month. To enable you to see the comings and goings each month we provide you with a monthly statement.

Advertising at no extra cost

At Lodge City Rentals, we advertise your property at no extra cost to you. Right here on, as well as New Zealand's leading rental websites Trademe,, OneRoof and 

This approach has proved successful in ensuring we attract the best quality tenants. We don’t rent your house to anyone; we make sure your tenants respect your property as you would, and as we do.