Body Corporate Management

At Lodge Body Corporate we provide a straightforward approach to managing the administration of unit title developments. We ensure our clients meet their legal obligations under The Unit Titles Act 2010 and its Regulations.

This includes (but is not limited to) the arranging of insurance, the keeping of thorough accounting records, the preparation of financial reports, the collecting of body corporate levies, chairing and taking the minutes of the annual general meeting, the arranging of maintenance and creating the budget.

Day-to-day administration tasks

  • Arrange maintenance of the common property.
  • Operate interest-bearing bank accounts for the body corporate. 
  • Manage payment of body corporate expenses. 
  • Maintain a Register of Proprietors. 
  • Liaise with third parties on behalf of the body corporate. 
  • Assist the committee to enforce compliance of body corporate rules.

Annual operation tasks

  • Prepare the documentation for the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting (if required) to include the Notice of Intention, the AGM invitation, the agenda, together with proxy forms, postal voting forms and notice of delegation.
  • Manage collection of levies (and debt) from owners. 
  • Prepare annual financial accounts and budgets.
  • Coordinate auditing of financial statements.
  • Arrange the annual insurance valuation (if requested). 
  • Arrange the insurance quotation for buildings insurance, Office bearer’s liability insurance and liability insurances.
  • Operate a long-term maintenance fund for future common area maintenance. 
  • Provide advice and governance in relation to the Unit Titles Act and 2010 Regulations 2011 as requested.

Other tasks as required

  • Set up a register of owners for a new body corporate.
  • Prepare disclosure statements for owners selling. 
  • Help set up a long-term maintenance plan.
  • Assist with arranging and installing ultrafast fibre connections for owners by obtaining the design plans and serving the required notices to owners.
  • Assist with sub-dividing units as and when required.
  • Assist with arranging colour choices and voting procedures using Resene’s Renderite service.

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