Our Values

These are the core values and universal truths that
are shared across our business. They reflect how our
brand and our people behave.

People over property

We’re in this for the long game and authentic relationships are everything. Hamilton is our home too, so we look after it. We do this in every way possible, from sponsoring local events, teams, and charities, to treating our customers with the same care we would our own family.

We put people over property.

Drive for better

Good work is never finished. We’re constantly looking at how we can do things better. We don’t rest on our laurels, every job is an opportunity to improve because we don’t know it all, we study it all.

We foster a culture that encourages new ideas and calculated risks to benefit our customers.

Integrity is everything

We do what’s right. Even when it’s hard. Trust can only be earned if our customers know who we are, what we stand for, and how we work so nothing is hidden from them. Excellence and transparency are everything, if mistakes are made, we own them, take the hit and learn from it.

Word travels fast around here, so we make sure that word is good.