3200 properties are currently being managed by Lodge City Rentals.

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Step one: Bringing your property to Lodge

If you’d like one of our trusted property managers to look after your investment property, come on in and meet with our General Manager, Jason Waugh.

Jason will appoint a property manager to manage your portfolio, who will arrange the management authority paperwork for you to sign up. Once this is completed, we’ll set about managing your property, finding tenants, and undertaking our services to protect your investment.


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Step two: Finding tenants

To reduce the amount of time your property is vacant between tenancies, we showcase all our properties prior to tenants vacating. This helps generate a larger pool of tenants to select from. All tenants inspecting your property will be accompanied by a Lodge City Rentals property manager.

To secure a tenant we carry out a number of checks on each tenant including:

  • a credit check
  • reference check of past rental history
  • check for prior tenancy tribunal history.

We will then ensure they pay the rent and take care of your property. 


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Step three: Managing your property

Once let, the property will be managed day-to-day by your Lodge City Rentals property manager.

They will take care of all:

  • maintenance work
  • rent reviews
  • tenant management
  • inspections 
  • any other issues relating to your property. 

The property manager will communicate with you regularly and be your main point of contact.