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Buying or selling residential property in any dynamic and fast-growing city, it’s understandable you’ll want the best professionals on offer.

Mike Thomas has the team to fit that brief: Backed by Chase Gray, Zoe West, and Brenda Stuthridge, this team makes for a formidable combination. Quite simply, it has ‘all the bases covered’ in Hamilton.

Since starting his career in 1990, Mike himself has consistently been among the highest-achieving sales consultants in New Zealand. He’s also a six-time #1 consultant for Lodge Real Estate.

It comes as no surprise then, that Mike has put together a unified team that’s synonymous with real estate success in Hamilton. “Success in residential real estate comes through hard work, an experienced support team, and good communication,” Mike says.

Chase Gray is Mike’s first line of support. Chase has a reputation for listening and understanding the needs of clients, and he says although every client is different, there remain common threads in an agent’s ability to deliver first-class customer service:

“Our team increases our chance of securing more sales or purchases by being better-prepared than others,” he says. “We have the experience, and the nous, to know when it’s best to close a sale. We do this by reducing risk factors, and through our ability to solve problems and provide straight answers to straight questions.

“For example, we know the importance of attention to detail when it comes to terms and conditions, we’re aware of the legal processes, and we know the kind of value that a builder’s report or a LIM can bring in terms of peace-of-mind.”

Mike’s other first line of support is Zoe West, who has a passion for beautifully presented homes.

“The real estate industry gives me an opportunity to change lives,” Zoe says.

“That’s a responsibility I take seriously, and I’m committed to it because I’m also aware of the incredible rewards that come with it.”

With a sound understanding of digital marketing and social media, Zoe combines this with her experience in the application of conventional sales and marketing principles.

“When used correctly, social media’s power is significant and can be a key influencer in the successful sale or purchase of your property,” she says.

The anchor of the team is Brenda Stuthridge, who has been part of Mike’s team for over 10 years.

Brenda is responsible for the team’s Customer Care Plan, proactively attending to all details and ensuring all customer priorities and communication needs are met: “Being a fully licensed agent means I can step straight from the office to a residential property with ease,” Brenda says.

According to Mike, the team’s experience in Hamilton’s dynamic and evolving market is a key driver of its outstanding (individual and collective) record: “We’re just so passionate about this city, its history, its future, and its people. We enjoy knowing what’s going on across all our suburbs and communities, north, east, west, and south.”

Buying or selling, you deserve the best.
Keep it simple with Mike’s team – it’ll cost you no more to have its support behind you every step of the way.

Mike Thomas

Residential & Lifestyle Sales Consultant


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