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Mike Thomas is an agent that’s synonymous with real estate success in Hamilton city. Since starting his career in 1990, he’s consistently been among the highest-achieving sales consultants in New Zealand and renown as one of Hamilton’s Top Sales people for Lodge Real Estate.

“Success in residential real estate comes through hard work, experience and good communication,” Mike says.

Given his reasoning, you’d be forgiven for thinking Mike’s achievements have also come about due to his almost-unique ability to keep things beautifully simple, but there’s perhaps more to it than that.

Mike’s experience in Hamilton’s dynamic and evolving market is a key driver of his outstanding record. “I’m passionate about this city, its history, its future, and its people. I enjoy knowing what’s going on across all our suburbs and communities, north, east, west, and south”.

He possesses finely tuned skills in leading, adapting, and innovating – particularly when it comes to bringing your home to the market.

Marketing is about maximising the potential value of a property by tapping in to a wide but receptive audience, and building as much competition in the market as possible, Mike says.

It’s that kind of philosophy he brings to the sales process that’s made him an expert in the field of Auction marketing.

His auctions produce some extraordinary results for a diverse range of clients, and the success of this sales channel continues to get stronger for Mike. It puts more money in his client’s pockets.

Mike was the first agent in the market to utilise radio advertising, and he was also the first to introduce a ‘moving truck’ for his clients’ free use – indicating his innovation and willingness to push boundaries.

Mike says his clients ‘profit through his experience’, which is a source of enormous personal satisfaction and pride for him.

Unsurprisingly, this has built up a loyal client base over the decades, which today sees continuing repeat business and a constant stream of positive referrals.

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