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Hi, I’m Nikki McGill, and if it’s a straight-up, no-nonsense real estate process you’re after, I think you’ll find I’ll work well for you.
I have a number of years’ experience at Lodge Real Estate, with much of my learning initially gained supporting a successful agent in their work. Before that I was involved in property management, so this industry is where I’m most comfortable.
Aside from the exciting nature of the residential property market, it’s the people I meet along the way that make my job. I enjoy building-on and making new connections and meeting people from all walks of life. My combined passion for property and people has resulted in my dream job as a real estate agent.
It’s only natural for people to want to be treated with honesty and respect, I believe it is very important when going through the process of buying or selling a house.
I’m mindful it’s a transaction that’s among the biggest, most personal, life-decisions you will make, and whether the sale or purchase is for investment purposes or is to secure a home for your family, it’s inevitably life-changing.
It can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, but I’m here to help keep things cool, calm, and collected for you.
That’s why as an agent I take my responsibility very seriously.
I’ll give my best on behalf of you whether you are buying or selling to get you the result you’re after. It’s vital the process is made as smooth as possible, and I’m qualified and experienced enough to know what to organise ahead of time, as well as the potential pitfalls that can hold things up. Aside from negotiating and closing the deal, I’ll ensure all detail for other agents, lawyers, bankers, and any other interested party is well taken care of.
Buying or selling a property should be an uplifting experience, and a good agent can make all the difference. It truly is a delightful feeling to match people to properties and to be witness to a new beginning for my clients. Once the negotiation is over and the deal is done, I’ll continue working on your behalf until settlement and beyond.
Expect me to listen. Expect me to work out a marketing and sale plan that is right for you and your goals, and expect me to inform you about the market so you can make a sound decision.
Expect me to be enthusiastic and positive about your property, and expect me to accentuate the positive aspects of your home.
Don’t expect hype or fluff, I’ll do what I say I’ll do and be straight up with you.
Let’s get started, give me a call today.

Nikki McGill

Residential Sales Consultant

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Nikki McGill

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