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Hi, I’m Joanne Hunter.

Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, your first investment property or the moving-on of an underperforming rental, I’m looking forward to helping you make the best possible real estate decision to achieve your goals.

Since buying my first home about 10 years ago, I’ve come to appreciate the power of property. Since that time, I’ve bought and sold several homes and I’ve seen first-hand the financial impact of property investment. Handled well – and with the right information and advice to make sound decisions – real estate can deliver wealth, independence, options, and personal growth.

That’s why I have a passion for buying and selling homes, and that’s also why I want to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Owning a home is an exciting privilege, but I’m aware that it takes a good deal of hard work and determination. Whether buying or selling, I’m the first to acknowledge these decisions take a good deal of consideration and are often the culmination of many things.

So, understandably, you want an agent that’s right for you: I’ll be a good fit if you’re seeking an honest operator with good organisation and administrative skills, and an agent that will present ideas and options, together with a good nose for collaboration and negotiation.

I have excellent communication skills, am reliable, and have good attention to detail.

I also believe in ‘doing the right thing’ (because it’s the right thing to do).

If you’re in the market to sell, I have a quality list of both serious and potential buyers on my files. Hamilton is a city that boasts many options, and proactive agents will know what audience to pitch to for best results. With your approval, we’ll develop a marketing and sales plan designed to get us the result we’re seeking.

If you’re seeking to buy, the most important thing for me to understand is your needs and priorities. I want to know your non-negotiables, and I won’t waste your time. I have a network of property professionals that enables me to keep on top of all Hamilton’s latest developments, including new arrivals on the market. I can also tap into the very latest information and data to help you gain context and reach a sound decision that fits your most-important criteria.

I was born in Hamilton and I’ve watched the city flourish over the years – it’s a fantastic place to live. More importantly, I know Hamilton; no matter what rung of the ‘property ladder’ you find yourself on, every corner of the city presents opportunities for the people of this city – it’s just a case of when you’re ready to take advantage of those opportunities.

The time is right. Give me a call today, and let’s get your next phase started.

Jo Hunter

Residential Sales Consultant

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Jo Hunter

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