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I’m Sandy (Sandeep) Kaur, the sales specialist who works harder and more effectively in selling your house or helping you purchase your next home or investment property. Currently proudly working with Team Tony Tang.

Real Estate is so much more than achieving sales – it’s a genuine thrill to be able to help people set up a bright future for themselves and their families and develop their wealth and prosperity.

Please put me at the top of your list as you consider potential agents. Meeting up with you will be a top priority for me within days of our initial contact, and I’ll be sure to present you with information that will help you ‘nail the sale’ or ‘pin down the purchase’.

I respect, and value, your time. I want to know your goals and expectations, and with this understanding I’ll have the best chance of delivering successful outcomes to you, on-budget and on-time.

My upbringing and education mean you will find me pleasant, polite, and positive in all my dealings with potential buyers or sellers. I like to do my homework, because it’s frequently the key to a successful negotiation or deal. This can include knowing a price range, operating within realistic budgets or timelines, being aware of caveats or legal issues, or merely having a ‘feel for the deal’.

Besides my attention to detail and knowing where to access professional services and key sales data, my skillset includes an ability to listen to the seller and any potential buyers (I try to listen to what is both said, and not said!). You can expect transparency and integrity, from first viewing to final signing.

I operate according to my three-P’s:
• People-first
• Professionalism
• Patience.

I pride myself on my ability to connect well with all people. I enjoy getting to know my clients on either a business or a personal level (or both), which tends to help me understand what motivates the sale, purchase, or investment.

I’m proud to be able to fit-in, and across, many cultures. Fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi, you can expect me to bridge communication gaps, and make your real estate journey as simple and as smooth as possible.

Being secure, safe, and prosperous are easy outcomes in Hamilton. We live in a vibrant local economy that presents great opportunities and consistently produces wealth for the country. Hamilton also offers top-class education, recreation, health services, and industry – full of innovation and leading-edge science.

And, in terms of location, location, location, you don’t get better; Auckland and Tauranga are a stone’s throw away, as are beaches on both coasts and pristine lakes and mountains to our south.

With that in mind, there is every reason to feel optimistic about sustainable growth and good outcomes in real estate here in Hamilton. Now is a good time to buy, sell, or invest. From here, it’s all about setting up for the future.

Let’s get it done. Give me a call direct, or drop me an email or personal message today.

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Sandy Kaur

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