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People have always been the focus for Roseanne Udy, who left her career in Hazardous Substances and Health & Safety three years ago to become a property management consultant with Lodge City Rentals.

“I’ve had a diverse career which included certification for hazardous substances, office management, laboratory testing in the food industry and worked as a qualified tester of drugs and alcohol. Building great relationships has always been my motivation,” she says.

“Unsurprisingly it was the people-focussed nature of property management that drew me to this role and my great interest in the property industry, so three years ago I took the plunge and I’ve never looked back,” she said.

Roseanne, who is now fully qualified with her Level 4 certificate in Property Management, says that being “people-focussed” in her current role is about seeking the best outcome for both owners and tenants.

“For the tenant, I aim to find them the right home and then tend to their property-related needs in a respectful, kind and caring way,” she said. “For the owner, I do my best to ensure their property is in good hands. That includes tenant applications, rent collection, inspections, property maintenance and more. Solving the issues as they present to take away the hassle and the worry for the owners is very important.” Presenting solutions rather than problems is key.

Not only does Roseanne keep tenants and owners’ needs at the forefront, she displays an excellent understanding of the specific skills that make a good property manager. “Availability is key. I’m always answering phone calls and tending promptly to arising needs,” she said.

She labels proactivity as another crucial skill. “It’s one thing to deal with issues when they arise, but it’s another to proactively look for ways to add value for the owner. That could be by recommending features that would appeal to tenants, such as air conditioning or a dishwasher. It could also be by advising on renovations that might command more rent.

Roseanne’s overall competency is summed up well by a client who recently said, “Roseanne has been fantastic to work with. She has negotiated excellent deals with tradespeople to get my rental property in an excellent condition for new tenants.”

They continued, “She was also careful in the selection of the new tenants to ensure they would be respectful of the rental property and look after it. She has communicated very well through the process and responded promptly to my queries for information and updates on progress.”

Summarising her overall approach to work, Roseanne uses the word “positivity.” “Having a positive attitude not only makes life better for me, but for the tenants and owners I interact with. Ultimately, I don’t sweat the small stuff and I like to have a good laugh.”

Roseanne Udy

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Roseanne Udy

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