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Hamilton East Branch Manager Matthew-Shane Berryman has been around the property industry block a few times for a young man still in his 30s.

His foray into the industry itself began as a property manager well over a decade ago when he accepted a job with Lodge City Rentals at just 20 years old.

Between that first job and now, he ventured out into the world for both work and life experience; playing rugby in Europe and travelling extensively.

He spent seven years in Australia working as a Property Investment Consultant and later as a Lender for the country’s largest retail bank.

“This gave me great experience with the financial side of property,” Matthew says.

In 2016 Matthew returned to Hamilton with his wife to bring up their children and be closer to whanau. He came back to Lodge for the second time and swiftly scaled the ladder where he was promoted to Hamilton East Branch Manager in 2019.

It’s no surprise that, in a role like his, Matthew demonstrates particularly strong leadership skills.

“I love supporting our Lodge team to become better and more efficient, with a focus on what they personally want to achieve in their role,” he says.

For Matthew, good leadership includes cultivating a positive work culture. “If work is a place that all staff enjoy, there’s a positive flow-on effect for our clients too.”

Client experience is top-of-mind for Matthew. He summarises well the key skills a property manager needs to ensure that both property owners and tenants are satisfied.

“Emotional intelligence is important in this job. It helps you to recognise and understand how each client is feeling in any given situation. Listening is a key part of this. Practically, time management is also essential; you need the ability to organise chaos and remember detail,” he says.

When it comes to his personal work philosophy, Matthew’s is both wise and selfless. “Put yourself in other people’s shoes. If you’re able to see the other person’s perspective, whether it’s a colleague, property owner or tenant, you can make better informed decisions,” he says.

“Meanwhile, don’t take life too seriously. Always have fun along the way.”

Matthew Shane Berryman

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Matthew Shane Berryman

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