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Renee Beard joined the property management industry in 2019, after a move from Auckland to be with family in the quaint Waikato town of Cambridge.

A short two years later she now manages an impressive portfolio of 160+ properties. Of particular note is the trust she has built amongst those in her town, with all but six of her portfolio properties located in Cambridge.

“It’s a pleasure working with people local to where I live. My clients here – many of whom are referred by someone else in the Cambridge community – also seem to like that there’s someone local looking after their properties,” she says.

Renee brings unique experience to her role. Before coming to Lodge she worked with GirlGuiding New Zealand for 15 years; initially signing-up new leaders and later working for the property side of the organisation.

“As Property Coordinator I looked after GirlGuiding New Zealand’s buildings across two thirds of the North Island. The role was comprehensive and included dealing with commercial ownership, renting and all things in between,” she says.

With her GirlGuiding NZ background, it comes as no surprise that the opportunity to help people is what drew Renee to property management.

“Being a Property Management Consultant is a bit like match-making, but with people to a home. I work to understand what both sides – the owner and tenant – want, and ensure that they’re both satisfied with the result,” she says.

She says that, for her, there’s a particular fulfilment that comes with being the “eyes and ears” for owners who require extra support; whether that be elderly clients or others with a unique set of needs.

“I have one client in Australia whose husband passed away suddenly. She was left with his portfolio and had to learn all about it. After supporting her through the process, she sent a beautiful email and bunch of flowers to say thank you,” she says.

Being naturally thorough and organised are traits that help Renee execute her job with excellence. “In this job it’s important to cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s. I also make sure to spend that extra 10 minutes in conversation with someone to hear their story. This goes a long way; especially in a small community like Cambridge.”

When it comes down to it, Renee’s approach to her work is simple. “I manage the properties in my portfolio as if they were my own, or that of a family member. I think about what I’d want to know as an owner or a tenant and go from there,” she says.

Her clients are quick to validate that this is true of her. As one recently said, “Renee is very dedicated to her job, has passion, is professional and gives you great confidence and assurance in her capabilities to look after our home, as if it were her own.”

Renee Beard

Property Management Consultant - Cambridge

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Renee Beard

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