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Property Management Consultant Rebecca (Bec) Murray joined the property management industry in 2017 following a career change from hospitality and has since made her mark as a true manager of excellence.

Bec has not only become fully qualified with her Level 4 certificate in Property Management, she was also the top Lodge property manager last year (year ending March 2021).

Bec’s portfolio is demonstrative of her competence. Over the years she has built it up to manage a wide variety of clients, many with large portfolios of 20+ properties who are looking for more still to purchase, knowing Bec is a safe pair of hands.

She describes her role as excellently as she performs it. “In short, I help rental-owners maximise their return-on-investment with a minimum of fuss, while fitting the right tenants to the right homes throughout Hamilton,” she says.

Bec displays a keen understanding of the key characteristics that make a good Property Manager. “I understand that being available, organised, and responsive is key for anyone working in this industry.”

“Being organised is key because it’s a very busy role. I like to stay one step ahead and start my day with a list. You also need to be flexible enough to move tasks around as unexpected ones come up,” she says.

“The ability to anticipate is also important. I work with both clients and tenants to proactively manage assets and relationships before minor issues become potential problems.”

Bec makes it clear she operates on the basis of honesty. “I am a straight shooter. This is a matter of respect, as I believe all anyone generally asks for is to know what’s going on. I have a no-surprises policy.”

Prior to becoming a Property Manager Bec worked in the hospitality industry, owning a restaurant and managing several busy bars. She says this experience helped set her up for property management excellence.

“My depth of hospitality experience means I am used to dealing with a variety of personalities from differing backgrounds. I developed what I believe is an excellent communication style that I adapt to people and situations accordingly,” she says.

Rebecca Murray

Property Management Consultant

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Rebecca Murray

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