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Hi, I’m Chase Gray and it’s a privilege if you’re considering making me your property representative for your next real estate sale and/or purchase – my personal sense of pride means I won’t let you down.
It’s my commitment to you to meet all your needs and expectations, but I’m well aware that’s only half the equation. I first need to clearly understand those needs and expectations, because we all have our unique set of circumstances, motives, and goals.
My priority will be to listen to you before discussing a plan that will get us the best result possible. The market right now is hugely dynamic and there are exciting opportunities ahead, but it’s critical that our aspirations for your upcoming sale or purchase are aligned.
It’s true that no sale or purchase process is the same, but there are certainly many commonalities that can be applied to set things up well – we increase our chances by being better-prepared than others, by knowing when to negotiate and close, and by reducing risk factors (financing, legal processes, etc.).
You can expect me to tailor a sales and marketing plan based on your preferences and non-negotiables. I’ll draw upon all the resources that Lodge Real Estate has to offer, including access to key data, market knowledge, and the best network of fellow agents and colleagues in Hamilton.
I have a proven track-record in sales, and enjoy working with people to overcome barriers and seek win-win solutions. I have a courteous and polite style, and my starting point with all those I meet is one of respect.
Short-cut solutions and rushed sales are not my style, although when a fast turnaround is called for you can count on me and the team at Lodge to deliver a watertight agreement for the benefit of all.
I have a positive, energetic, outlook and I want to deliver a top result for you. Give me a call today, and we’ll make sure your next real estate decision provides both a lifestyle boost and a better chance of securing a stable financial future.
Chase Gray.


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Chase Gray

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