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Ace Thomas

Residential Sales Consultant Flagstaff

Hi, I’m Ace Thomas, and if you’re after a cool, calm, measured approach as you go to market to sell or purchase your next residential property, I’m your man.
At the heart of my way of doing business are my 3-C's:
• Commitment
• Communication
• Collaboration (including a willingness to compromise).
I work on trust and reliability as my key success factors, and always seek to build genuine working relationships that my clients and colleagues can rely on.
My overall focus is to deliver a win-win sales result, and the key to that is an ability to take care of the small details that lead to the end point. Also key, and one of my non-negotiables, is to treat both seller and buyer/s with the same level of courtesy, honesty, and respect.
If your need is to sell in to the market, my job is to help alleviate all the pain-points in the sales process, and to market the best aspects of the property so it can reach its true market value. This centres on proactively working behind the scenes so we have the best marketing possible, the best information at-hand, and the best professional advice to call upon, if and when required.
We’ll select a promotional campaign, and the most-appropriate sales method, to reflect healthy competition for your property.
I’ll work with the most-serious buyers and will negotiate on your behalf, having consulted with you thoroughly in the lead-up to closing the deal.
If you’re in the market to buy, I’ll direct you only to the properties and open homes that fit your most important criteria. I know your time is valuable, and I know that my own timing is often the key to taking advantage of excellent opportunities that continue to appear in today’s market. I have an amazing network of colleagues and professional contacts, along with excellent access to key market data and information. I regard myself as one of a few agents who love to stay in-tune with Hamilton’s ever-evolving market dynamics.
On a more personal note, in my spare time I enjoy reading, playing chess, and exercising. I’m married with three young children. Previously I’ve worked in education, but stepping in to real estate is dream fulfilled, as it allows me to connect with a wider range of people, helps me to help myself, and helps others to reach their personal, financial, and lifestyle goals.
Give me a call, and (as a vendor) my first priority will be to meet with you and get an understanding of your property, your goals, and your circumstances. I want to understand my client, and know their property better than anyone.
My style is one of authenticity, and empathy is a strong personal trait. Once we’ve established a good rapport, we’ll move on to setting a few overall goals together, and agreeing on the most appropriate sales and marketing campaign.
After that, I’ll do the rest, and I’ll be committed to providing regular communication, especially when it comes to market and buyer feedback. It’s your deal, Let’s get started.
Ace Thomas

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