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Hi, I’m Michael Davidson, and I have a proven background in residential real estate.

I know the importance of owning property, and the potential for a better life that it offers people of all backgrounds.

For the past four years, I’ve been lucky enough to develop into a successful property manager, giving me an excellent insight into the strategy and motives of residential investors, as well as giving me an important appreciation for what people are looking for in 21st-century accommodation.

Hamilton is a great place to invest and live in. The local economy boasts a solid foundation of big infrastructure, including a wide range of educational and medical institutions – and services a strong agriculture industry, as well as a burgeoning innovation and science community.

There’s a great cause for continued optimism in this dynamic and growing city.

Hamilton hosts a number of residential and commercial developments, within the city and on the fringes. Meanwhile, the central and more-established suburbs are being revitalised by public and private investment.

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell residential real estate, now is a good time to make your move, and I’m here to respond to all your needs.

If you’re buying, my main objectives are to:

· show you the options that best match your criteria;

· clarify the opportunities and help you visualise possibilities, and;

· arm you with all the information that’s relevant to making your decision.

I’ll also negotiate, stay mindful of possible competition, and will do my utmost to secure an agreement to buy.

If you’re selling, my main objectives are to:

· understand your motives to sell, while clarifying the opportunities or goals that lie ahead for you;

· clarify your non-negotiables, including timeframes, sales channels (for example, auction, tender, open homes), and desired price range;

· draw up a sales and marketing plan;

· attend to all sale enquiries, administration, and referrals;

· sell your home.

As your agent, it’s my commitment to keep your interests at heart throughout the process.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

If you are interested in buying or selling or just a chat about the market – call me.

Michael Davidson

Residential Sales Consultant

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Michael Davidson

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