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Hi, my name is Neel Shah and right-off-the-bat I’m going to be the hardest-working agent you could pick as your representative in your upcoming residential property sale or purchase.

Quality customer service is critical in this game, because I know you have a lot on the line. And so too do I: my reputation is my bread-and-butter, and my future success depends on my potential clients having faith and trust in what I’m able to deliver for them.

I understand my responsibilities.

You can expect the following from me:
- A first-class plan to sell your home according to your criteria, including price range, timing, advertising options, sales channel (listed price, auction, tender, etc.).
- Honest and transparent feedback. This will include recommendations or reassurance, specifically regarding presentation of the property (if selling) and potential/future value-add options (if buying).
- Communication throughout the process. Expect to be kept in-the-loop regarding market developments, potential competition, potential buyers, open homes, legal requirements, and general chit-chat. I’ll meet with you face-to-face, I’ll talk to you via phone, I’ll write to you via email, and I’ll text you if the message is short-and-sweet.
- Professionalism. At all times I’ll respect your needs and your privacy. At all times I’ll keep your goals top-of-mind. At all times I’ll be your best advocate.

I want to understand your situation, so it’s important we meet face-to-face to discuss your thoughts and for me to fill-in the gaps, clarify, or answer any questions you may have. I’ll want to gain an understanding of your budget, your price, your timings, and any non-negotiables that are part of your ultimate decision (for example, your ideas on advertising or sale price, other investment plans, location, bedroom numbers, school zones, etc.).

I have access to a wide-range of market information, including recent sales data in your area, and I’ll be happy to share this with you to help firm-up your ideas for your sale or purchase.

Give me your business and I’ll give you my all.

Give me a call or drop me a line. I’m raring to go.

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Neel Shah

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