David Sylvester

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David is well-recognised as an approachable leader with an unshaken commitment to the real estate industry.

His long-standing career has a foundation of trust, honesty, creativity and attention to detail. This groundwork, combined with an aptitude for business growth, allows David's instincts and practical experience to generate outstanding results for all. Using his global knowledge of real estate, he can tailor solutions to the thriving community market through constant innovation and determination.

David is in tune with the professional network and brings a real estate acumen that only benefits his team. It is of great importance to him that the relationships he builds are strong and enduring. He guides his team in a manner that endeavours to help people achieve their goals; from nurturing agents' skills and confidence to making sure clients receive the best result, it is a hallmark of how David works.

With positivity, enthusiasm and integrity he enjoys guiding and working with talented people. Needless to say, David's presence is always a welcome reassurance

David Sylvester

Dinsdale Branch Manager

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David Sylvester

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