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Paul loves the deal. He loves helping sellers and buyers overcome speed bumps with selling and to get what they want. It is why he throws himself 110% into his work, day in day out. He is empathetic when it comes to selling and understands you want someone who is honest and reliable that communicates what you need and cuts the waffle. Paul’s personal goal is to not let any client down. In a few short years Paul has achieved in real estate what takes others a lifetime. He is tech savvy, has negotiated complicated and drawn out deals involving multiple properties, boundary re-alignments and development applications to selling a property by Facebook video to an overseas buyer. He knows how to get the best bang for your marketing buck and where you will get the best result.

Paul is smart and learns fast. He brings to the table experience and knowledge only someone who studied a 4 year law degree in 2 years with Honours can. Not only does he have experience in negotiating many, many real estate deals but also complex family law matters, from his days practicing as a solicitor, and life and death situations from his time as a Detective in the Major Crime Squads. There probably isn’t a situation Paul hasn’t come across before and if there is he has the background and know how to find the best solution for you.

With such a varied and professional background you may ask, Why real estate? Simply, it’s a rewarding, varied and interesting career and he says that from experience. Paul firmly believes you rise to the level of the people you associate with. This is why Paul is so keen to recruit quality applicants and grow the most professional, successful and well trained team of real estate professionals in town. He has 1000’s of hours experience in mentoring others how to achieve their goals quickly, cost effectively and with a dose of intelligence. Just like he has done with his results.

Paul thinks there is nothing worse than handing over your hard earned cash to someone who does not do what they promised, when that thing is as simple as keeping you informed. Paul keeps his promises.


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Paul Conway

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