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Law school for First Home Buyers

Whether you’ve been spending your weekends visiting open homes for a while, or the idea of buying your first home is a seed just starting to ‘germinate’, you’re going to want to listen into this podcast episode.

Our host, Lodge managing director Jeremy O’Rourke, is joined by two experts in assisting first home buyers to get ready to transact: Sam Douglas, partner at Hamilton law firm iCLAW and Andrew Bindon, Residential and Lifestyle Sales Consultant for Lodge. Tune in as they guide you through the process of buying your first home in the current economic climate, including why a good lawyer is crucial to have on your team.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 12 April 2023


Penny's First Home Buyer Journey

Buying your first home is a personal journey, and an exercise in making a dream become reality. Listen in to this episode hosted by our own Brenda Beale with recent first home buyer Penny, who shares how she navigated purchasing their new home with her partner. From saving hard and making compromises, to working with a mortgage broker, engaging a lawyer and enlisting a real estate agent, Penny covers each step in the process of moving into their ‘castle.’

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 5 April 2023

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Do I really need an agency?

As a vendor looking to sell your property, a key decision to make is whether to sell with an agency, or privately. But how do you know which approach to take, and with who?

While we acknowledge we are advocates for selling with an agency – Lodge in particular! -there are some clear reasons why, including the value an agency can bring to your home sale.

Hosted by Megan Smith, tune in and listen to our own Lodge Managing Director Jeremy O’Rourke and Marketing Manager Kevin Walker as they share their wisdom on the nuances of this topic.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 16 December 2022

Property Investment

Get smart with Property Investment

Investing in property can be a smart choice, allowing you to grow your assets and generate a passive income or nest egg to put towards retirement. But how do you get started, and what is involved?

Have a listen to seasoned experts Jason Waugh and David Kneebone, current and past general managers of Lodge City Rentals, as they impart their investment know-how about what it takes to become a successful property investor.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 2 December 2022


Waikato Regional Theatre Update

Have you driven down Victoria Street recently and seen the exciting progress on the Waikato Regional Theatre? Get the inside scoop on this up-and-coming development with Waikato Regional Property Trust Chairman Ross Hargood.

Join your hosts, our own Yvonne Bryant and Sue Hall from Lodge Real Estate, as Ross covers Queen Elizabeth II’s preserved furniture to buying your own seat in the theatre, plus some anecdotes from his time as a council building inspector and his charitable work.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 2 December 2022


Kiwisaver 101

While most New Zealanders are part of the KiwiSaver scheme, many remain in the dark about what fund they are in, the ins and outs of different providers, and how to use their KiwiSaver funds to purchase their first home.

In this episode, KiwiSaver Ken from Generate Wealth joins Sue Hall and Donna Southwick of Lodge Real Estate to discuss the basics of how KiwiSaver works, how you can get the full benefits of KiwiSaver through each life stage and why getting personalised advice should be your first step.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 29 November 2022

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Get a real Real Estate

Thinking about a career in real estate sales? We talk to new real estate agent Kristina Emson, not-so-new agent Blair Pointon, and our Managing Director Jeremy O'Rourke about how to prepare for and what you need to know when you enter the competitive world of real estate.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 28 October 2022


Don't fight the law...yer

Legal expert Carolyn Brown of CT Legal talks through some potential property legal pitfalls that should be tidied up before your house is put up for sale. Plus, we’ll uncover some ‘home truths’ along the way that you might not have heard elsewhere.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 30 September 2022


First Home Head Start

Experts who work with first home buyers on a daily basis, Jordan Cameron from Total Mortgages and Paul Conway from Lodge share some tips and tricks to help you get on the property ladder as a first home buyer, and uncover some ‘home truths’ you might not have heard elsewhere.

The Lodge Real Estate Team

on 29 September 2022