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While communication and time management are key for Courtney in her role as a property manager, she’s learnt that having a bit of empathy and understanding also goes a long way when creating prosperous client and tenant relationships. Courtney started with Lodge City Rentals at the start of 2021, making a pivot from her previous career as an aviation flight instructor at the former international flight school in Hamilton. Thus, she has her commercial pilot’s license and a Diploma in Aviation Flight Instruction. When looking for a new start, Lodge City Rentals was on Courtney’s radar due to her parents owning properties managed by Lodge, and her and her partner’s own plans for rental properties in the not-too-distant future. After speaking with general manager Jason, an opening came up a couple of months later and her next move was set. While there might not seem much immediate cross-over between flying and property management, Courtney enjoys the legal side of both vocations, staying up-to-date so her landlords know everything is by the book. Clear, concise communication is another skill that was transferable for Courtney, and she thrives off the social interaction property management provides, whether its meeting potential tenants at viewings or speaking with clients to keep them updated on their property. One difference is the empathy required, as Courtney notes there is often more emotion involved in property management when you’re dealing with someone’s investment or their home. “We all have our own personal experiences, so it’s important to understand where someone is coming from. While people’s actions may make no sense on face value, if you ask questions and take time to learn the background to a situation, you can approach it with more tact and create a positive resolution for those involved,” explains Courtney. With property management being such a varied role, time management is important for Courtney, and being adaptable to change plans when something new comes up. “From aviation, I learnt the need to plan ahead and be clear, as you can’t exactly park a plane wherever you like! But equally, adapting to change is important for when unexpected issues come up. “In learning the ropes, the Lodge team has been so helpful when I’ve needed to troubleshoot new situations and there’s a great open dialogue around the office. Courtney believes that property management also has its share of feelgood moments. “Matching tenants to a new home that’s just right for them, especially if they’ve been searching for the right property for a while, is both good for business and provides those warm, ‘fuzzy’ feelings.”
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