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“Jordan makes my life easy.” For Jordan Patterson, this is about as good a commendation as a property manager can get. It captures the end game he works hard to achieve for his clients. “Those five words are gold to me. It’s what my job is all about. The clients who place their properties in my care want to know that their investment is being well looked after. That means proper upkeep of the property and regular rental returns. “My other clients are the people who tenant these homes. They want to know that any rental issues they bring to me will be quickly taken care of. And that’s what I do. I look after people by looking after properties.” Jordan insists there isn’t any magic sauce to being a good property manager. Efficiency and attention to detail are the keys, along with excellent people skills from his customer service background. “I’m a positive person by nature, which helps a lot in my job. And I can relate easily with all kinds of people. That’s what I love – the variety in my work, and seeing how my hard work pays off for the home owners, and the ones living in them. It’s very satisfying.” Another key to doing well is Jordan’s ability to quickly find solutions and take problems away from people. “When issues arise, and they inevitably do, clients simply want things dealt with. That’s when I’m at my best. I listen, then I snap into action. The next time the client hears from me is when I tell them that everything is sorted. “It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, some problems are genuine puzzles. But a bit of tenacity usually wins the day.” Jordan’s relative youth can also be an advantage. In these days where most things are done online, being comfortable with a variety of technologies is an asset. “Organising inspections and viewings and repairs…it’s all done online. Same with promoting a property. I’ve grown up in a digital world, so maximising the online tools comes relatively easy for me. It’s another way I can make life easier for the people who trust me with their homes.”
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