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When it comes to understanding people, Lisa has the knack. Her career so far spans the full gamut, including ten years as a Qantas flight attendant, a role in advertising production management and time volunteering as a St John’s ambulance officer, all while raising her family. It’s precisely her breadth of experience that has grown Lisa’s skill set to translate so seamlessly to her current role as a property manager at Lodge City Rentals. She was attracted to the job after speaking with a satisfied landlord, as well as fellow property manager Keith Hallam, and could tell the company would be a good fit. Since originally joining as a property manager assistant, Lisa quickly got the hang of the property management game and progressed to her current position as a property management consultant. At the core of her success are her exceptional interpersonal skills. Lisa is committed to providing personalised customer service, and building strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. “Over my career I’ve developed a good understanding of how to connect with and read people, and that’s important when working with both landlords and tenants. I can judge when a situation requires an empathetic approach, and when a guiding hand is required". Lisa recognises that effective communication with both landlords and tenants is essential when it comes to maintaining successful relationships. This open line of dialogue is key when managing any issues that arise between both parties. “Throughout my time working across a range of high-pressure industries, I have strengthened my ability to stay calm and level-headed under pressure, allowing me to quickly and easily diffuse tricky situations when necessary,” says Lisa. Her conflict resolution capabilities and conscientiousness ensure she is well-suited to her role, while her organised management approach means that each of her owners’ properties are run as well-oiled machines. Lisa’s favourite part of the job? Problem-solving. “I like coming up with innovative solutions that sometimes involve looking outside the box. Keeping in mind that effective time management is crucial, I enjoy being creative where possible particularly when it comes to property maintenance, managing my time to come up with a result that works from all angles.” When Lisa isn’t working, she enjoys keeping her fitness up, and you can often find her out running the streets of Hamilton or in the gym.

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