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American business magnate Warren Buffet once said: “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.” Lisa Brown is upfront and honest. “It’s an issue of respect and I think being honest with someone is the bedrock of that respect. So, whether I’m working with an owner or a tenant or a potential tenant, I make sure they know the full story of any situation.” “Trust is also important in business. I respect the enormous amount of trust given to me by owners and it is very important to me that I live up to this trust given and manage the property to a very high standard.” Before turning to property management, Lisa worked in a chartered accountant’s offices as the accounts clerk. It was a job that required an eye for detail. Lisa believes this has served her well in her role with Lodge. “When you're working with numbers and balances, you have to be accurate, you have to pay attention to small details. I’ve carried this accuracy over into property management, which I’ve needed. Putting people into homes involves a lot of information and a lot of boxes to be checked. Because I’m used to managing the minutiae, it’s rare that I miss anything.” Customer facing After years working on accounts, Lisa was ready for a career filled with people. “I’m a relational person, so sitting at a desk staring at a computer left me wanting more. I needed something customer-facing, and I get that working with Lodge. “Every day is different. I get to talk with people and build relationships with owners and tenants, which, in one sense is very enjoyable, but can also be challenging. I’m the bridge between these two parties, and it’s my job to help them negotiate into an arrangement that works for both. I’m good at building rapport with people, and this helps keep things smooth.” Keeping clients happy “It’s my nature to give my best to everyone, to try and keep everyone happy. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing both owners and tenants satisfied. I enjoy finding that perfect balance. “The most beneficial thing is having a good relationship with owners and tenants. When that happens, everyone wins.” Making a professional and personal connection with people allows a good relationship to develop, and this is a part of the job I really enjoy. Clients come back for more It’s a maxim in any industry that repeat business is profitable business. Repeat business is the most tangible sign that customers are happy. They liked what they had, and they’ve come back for more. Lisa knows the dynamic first-hand. “I’ve managed the property of a couple that had a rental house on a large section. They’re now in the process of building duplexes on the land, and they want me to manage those as well. It’s a great feeling when you know people trust you.” When Lisa’s not at work… She keeps fit at the gym, and by walking with friends. She enjoys camping and catching up with friends. Lisa also has a hobby her husband calls her ‘Nana sport.’ “I really like scrapbooking. When I have the time, I can spend hours putting memories onto pages. It’s not everyone’s thing, but most people love looking over the family history when it’s well presented. “With an active family, it’s not easy finding the time for hobbies. More often than not, I’m following my children with their sport and what they're doing! But I love that, and their activities are often the things that end up in my scrapbooks.”

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  • Good communication, updates etc. Liked the way I was given options for times I could meet with her at rental property recently

  • Lisa as part of the Lodge City Rental team are qualified professionals who know what to do in this over legislative environment that rental property investors find themselves in. Knowing we have a property manager who understands the environment provides us with peace of mind - providing ultimately what we now consider a passion investment with next to no issues.

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