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Robyn Armstrong is among the most experienced property managers in Hamilton, and every day strives to offer first-class customer service to her tenants and property owners. “I’ll always try to look at situations from several angles – from an outside-in and an inside-out perspective,” Robyn says. “By looking at issues that might arise from both the customers’ point of view, and my point of view, helps me provide a well-thought-out service experience and a good outcome. It’s about being proactive and maintaining good relationships, which helps build mutual trust and respect.” Matching the right tenant to the right property is a skill developed from experience and a good understanding of the tenant’s needs. Robyn seeks to develop a good relationship with all potential tenants before signing them up, making for a smooth arrangement when the property becomes occupied. “Happy tenants make for happy investors,” she says. Owning a property isn’t without its risks or inevitable maintenance, but Robyn sees part of her job as offering well-considered advice and recommendations to her clients, which minimises the chance of tenants raising issues. “It can also save costs in the long run because often small problems that go unnoticed for a while can turn out to be expensive fixes if not dealt with early on. I’d rather raise any red flags before the tenant does.” Robyn prides herself on open, honest communication, and she’s happy to provide regular updates to property owners. Here’s what some of Robyn’s clients have to say about her: “Robyn has managed our units for many years now. I like the stable, consistent, and up-to-date service we get from her, which is very important given we are out-of-town investors. We haven’t experienced any delays in occupying the units, and the tenant vetting has been great for the level of rental market our units are in.” “Robyn is professional, quick, and easy to communicate with. She’s friendly and polite, and we have full trust in how she manages our property. We would definitely recommend her to family or friends.” “Robyn is a fantastic property manager and we feel completely at ease knowing she is looking after our property – we feel as though she values the property as much as we do.”

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  • Robyn is professional, very quick and easy to communicate with, friendly and polite. We have full trust in how she manages our property and would definitely recommend her to family or friends

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