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Property manager Vanessa Day knows what it takes to reach the top, whether she’s taking part in gruelling 24-hour adventure races or being recognised in Lodge’s Annual Awards as one of the top three property managers at the company for the 2021/2022 year. Before joining Lodge Rentals as a property manager in 2018, Vanessa excelled in administrative roles across a range of industries, including property. When looking for a change, she was keen to take up a role that would allow her to get out and about and meet new people. Having undertaken property management administration work, she knew the ins and outs of the property manager role, and an interview with general manager Jason Waugh sealed the deal. With her strong background in administration, Vanessa’s co-ordination expertise helps her carry out tasks in an efficient and effective manner. “I will respond to emails every day. I don't leave anything unanswered if I can help it; communication is very important to me.” Vanessa’s philosophy is to be positive, energetic and guided by her personal ethics. Throughout her interactions with clients, Vanessa keeps a balanced approach and an open communication style. “I strive to actively listen to what’s being said, and to respond with honesty, respect and action. Whether acting on an investor’s or a tenant’s behalf, I have a candid communication approach that involves all stakeholders. I’m patient but determined, and willing to have difficult conversations if the situation is warranted.” For Vanessa, the ultimate goal as a property manager is to find the perfect balance where everyone is happy. “I always enjoy meeting applicants and matching them with a property that suits them and the owners, making sure everything marries up and everyone is satisfied.” Vanessa knows the key to finding that balance is getting to know people; their needs, wants and motivations. “If a tenant attends a viewing, then doesn’t apply for the property, I take that extra step and follow up to say, ‘I understand you didn’t apply; what are the reasons?’ From there, I can get to know their perfect property and try help them in another way.” “If you’re finding good tenants, they are worth their weight in gold; I’ll always want to find a house for them - within the Lodge Rentals portfolio, of course!” Vanessa’s passion for demanding adventure racing contributes to her ability to persevere through tough situations in her job, as well as understanding what it means to work as a team and help each other out around the office. When she’s not working, Vanessa loves getting outdoors and being active. You’ll find her camping, cycling, training or supporting her daughters at their sporting events.
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