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“If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Why ask a busy person? The reason they’re overloaded is because everyone knows they can be trusted to get things done.

That’s Business Development Manager Zack Cathcart. 

By his own admission, Zack is “almost” a workaholic. “I’m not quite a workaholic, but I am very driven when it comes to my job. My discipline levels are high, and I like doing things well. I grew up on a farm and I think my work ethic comes from that rural background and my time in agribusiness.”

When Zack started with Lodge, he figured property management would be an easy way to scratch his property itch. 

“I’d been passionate about property for years, but I underestimated how difficult managing them would be. My reality check came the first week, but once I got past that shock, I absolutely thrived. I quickly learned how to be organized, how to channel my energy. And I soon discovered that the more you put into a job like this, the more you get rewarded. That’s perfect for a motivated guy like me.”

A consistent top performer, Zack was promoted to Business Development Manager in June 2024.

For Zack, “reward” means more than financial progress. “Yes, I enjoy the financial upsides, but what I really love is how it feels when I show a client ways to maximise their investment. Or when I help develop the relationships between tenants and owners. Those things motivate me.”

People know about Zack’s work ethic and business skills. That’s why his portfolio of properties continues to grow year on year. 

“When you help people succeed, word gets around. One of my clients gave me 34 properties in a single day because trusted sources convinced him I would take care of his investments. Which is exactly what I do, every day. 

“Whether it’s one property or 100, you can’t beat the satisfaction that comes from earning someone’s trust. I never take that lightly.”

Zack has another reputation in the property business. “I can be little harsh at times when it comes to getting things done. That rubs some people up the wrong way. I’m not mean at all, but I don’t muck around, and I have a system that works for my clients.”

Given the yearly expansion of his portfolio since joining Lodge, property owners clearly agree. 

What does a not-quite workaholic do when he gets spare time? You’ll find Zack in one of two places: on the pitch playing rugby for his local club, or back on the family farm helping out his parents. 

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  • Zack regularly goes beyond what is expected. He always responds in a very timely manner. Recently I asked for further information to help me make a decision on the new installation of items for the Healthy Homes directive. He not only arranged for the specifications and pictures of the items to be installed to be sent to me, but also arranged with one of the installers to change the installation location to give a better kerb appeal.

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