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Hi, I’m Michael Chau and it’s a privilege to be considered as your preferred residential real estate agent for your upcoming sale or purchase.

Being in the thick of this industry makes me feel at home – I enjoy the dynamic nature of the property industry and the life-changing opportunities it presents for all people in our community; it’s a real thrill to provide my customers with what they’re after.

My first job is to get to know you, and to gain an understanding of your motives to buy or sell, along with your plans for the future.

When buyers enter the market for the first time, they’re on what many refer to as the ‘ladder’ and as people progress through various stages of their lives, I need to ensure they’re in a comfortable position (financially and emotionally) before helping them take their next steps.

At my fingertips I have a wide range of buyers who are ready to progress to another level, as well as a segment of customers who are at the stage of wanting to downsize. Some buyers are actively hot, while others remain in ‘watch-and-wait’ mode. All buyers in the market have specific needs, and a key skill I adopt is how I’m going to pitch a sale to cater to those needs – because that’s where the value for the buyer, and seller, lies.

Successful agents will tell you that ‘knowing the market’ is key, and this extends beyond knowing the property – you’ve got to know your buyers too, including the criteria that’s important to them.

If you’re selling, I’ll encourage you to list exclusively with me. By doing so I’ll be able to apply full energy and focus in the marketing effort, and we’ll use both traditional and online methods to advertise the property and attract a large pool of buyers. Another key decision we’ll work through is the sales strategy (auction, tender, set price, negotiable terms, open home, private viewings, etc.).

The goal will be to allow your property’s price to set itself to its full market potential, and from there it’s a matter of selecting which offer (and terms of sale) is most convenient to you.
I have a lot to offer. I’m energetic, motivated, determined. I’m also a patient person who likes to operate in a transparent, open, and honest way. I have a Bachelor of Management (finance major) from Waikato University, and in my spare time I enjoy investing in both property and stocks.

I also enjoy meeting new people and developing long-lasting, trusting, relationships.

Let’s get your new journey underway – give me a call today.

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Michael Chau

Sales Associate to Tony Tang

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