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Hi, I’m Ramit Kumar, and I look forward to introducing myself to you face-to-face in the near future.

It’s a privilege to work in real estate, an industry that is witness to so much positivity, change, aspirations, and new beginnings.

As a buyer or seller, I understand that gold-star customer service is all you’re after in your agent – and to make a difference in this key area, it’s a given that I’ll be required to ‘go the extra mile’ to make my customers happy, secure, and satisfied.

That’s my number one commitment to you.

You can also count on me to:

 Value your time;
 Be pleasant in all my dealings with you and all the people we deal with;
 Be knowledgeable, and;
 Use all resources, including social media channels, wisely.

Although I promise to deliver an organised and professional service, this will not diminish my personal touch. Understanding your feedback, your circumstance, your criteria, and your parameters allows me to anticipate your needs and preferences. This avoids time-wasting, and helps us focus our energies on getting you the best deal the market can offer.

I’m a natural communicator and salesperson, and I pride myself on my ability to form strong and trusting relationships.

My interpersonal skills help me in both social and business situations, and I keep in-tune with what’s being said, as well as what’s not being said. This helps me build a sound and holistic understanding of where a deal needs to go, and is a key tool in whatever negotiation process might eventuate.

Getting the best market price is, of course, critical to a sale – but so too is attention to detail and being able secure the best possible terms and conditions. I’m confident in my ability to present my clients with the strongest offers, and I’m happy to be your best advocate.

Hamilton is an exciting city for its location, amenities, infrastructure, and its growing economy and population. Meanwhile, real estate is an exciting industry for its dynamic nature, amazing homes, and the potential lifestyle it offers – not to mention its ability to create wealth and happiness.

That’s why I love it. That’s why I recently purchased my first home in New Zealand. That’s why I’ve chosen a career in the industry.

It’s a field that aligns well with my skills, interests, and disposition.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, please allow me to introduce myself. Let’s meet and discuss where you want to go. I’ll take you there.

Call me today.

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I've sold 2 properties (in the last 12 months)

Take a look at my recently sold properties to get a sense of the successful deals I've closed and the range of homes I've found for happy buyers. Get inspiration for your own search or get in contact with me today to find out how I can help.

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Ramit Kumar

Residential Sales Consultant

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