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It’s great to be able to introduce myself, Ethan Song, to you.
I value your business, and I want to work hard on your behalf to sell or buy your next residential property in Hamilton.
My goal is to make you feel as if I’m 100 percent dedicated to your needs: Expect me to market your house as if it’s the only one in Hamilton ‘for sale’, or to show you new listings that fit your criteria to give you the ‘inside-running’.
You can also expect me to respond to your calls, keep you up-to-date with all progress, and share with you all the data/information I have to help you make informed decisions.
Hamilton property, and its economy and lifestyle in general, is in the middle of an exciting growth phase – and if you’re lucky enough to be setting yourself up for sale or purchase of a home (for either personal or business reasons), I’m your man.
I specialise in growing and maintaining an extensive client and contacts list, and my depth of knowledge of individual needs and wants within that list helps me target different subsets of customers according to their criteria and requirements. Should you list with me, I will immediately communicate with people who are ‘most-likely to buy’ according to your home’s location, features, size, and price point.
I have the backing of excellent tools, colleagues, and contacts within the Lodge business, and, should you list to sell, I’ll market the best features of your home via mainstream and social media. After we meet to discuss your situation and ideals, we’ll then work on a detailed marketing plan and sales strategy, marking out our roadmap toward the closure of the deal.
Should you be in the market to buy, I’ll keep you briefed on the best properties that fit your criteria. I know your time is precious and that you have specific non-negotiables that need to be met; at the same time, it’s my job to think laterally and make suggestions and recommendations to get you what you’re after. I’ll work tirelessly to get you involved in the market, and I’ll make sure all details are covered to ensure the deal is done.
In terms of background, I have a number of years' experience as a project economist, quantity surveyor, project administrator, carpenter, and salesperson. In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and football, and I also take a keen interest in photography and roller-skating.
I regard myself as honest, patient, and good with details.
Real estate is my perfect vocation due to my interest and passion for homes, and the wealth creation and financial security they offer to so many.
Let me help you with your next move. Let’s get started today – give me a call or email now – it’s a simple but potentially significant step, but there’s chance it’ll result in one of life’s biggest decisions!

Ethan Song

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