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Prior to working in Real Estate, Brian spent 20 years in sales, marketing, project managing and negotiating major environmental engineered projects throughout New Zealand and South East Asia. These projects required patience, dedication, passion and a high degree of service. To continually achieve repeat business, patience and dedication was a large prerequisite working with the diverse people and cultures through out South East Asia.

Brians other interests are all sports - in particular his involvement with Waikato rugby as a referee for senior club rugby where the qualities of speed, agility and people management skills are very much the fore front to success.

Brian has brought this same level of people skills, passion, dedication and service to selling real estate. Brian is a self confessed work-a-holic. His dedication to Vendors and Purchasers needs have lead to a high level of sales success and awards.

Let Brian's dedication, passion, people skills and negotiation experience help you to achieve your dream

Brian Alcock

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Brian Alcock

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