A transparent and honest approach wins every time

19 Sep 2023 The Lodge Real Estate Team

While New Zealand sits in a pre-election holding pattern, here at Lodge City Rentals it’s business as usual. No matter who’s in government, our team continues to get on with what they do best: ensuring the best outcomes for landlords and tenants in a constantly evolving landscape.

Thanks to a consistent approach that weathers any and all changes in the political and economic landscape, our collective efforts continue to pay dividends. The demand for our rental properties has never been higher, and our occupancy rate continues to sit at 99.6%.

There’s no doubt the housing market is under pressure. With the continued constrained supply of quality rental houses, and investors still largely absent from the property market, we recognise the need for honest and transparent property management services has never been more important.

We are now working with more property owners in the surrounding regions, including introducing new rental listings in Cambridge and South Auckland, where our occupancy rate is already sitting at 86%. As the needs of tenants change and grow, so do we as a property management agency – made easier through our transparency and honesty. We work by building long-term partnerships, and with a focus on exceptional customer service and communication, our clients value the ‘no surprises’ way we have of doing things.

It's always great to see our work speak for itself, and we see this regularly in the number of referrals we get from current clients recommending our services to their own networks. We know it’s much easier to talk about a negative experience than a positive one, which is why positive referrals are worth their weight in gold. If you have friends or family who are looking at investing in rental property or want to see their current property in great hands, chat to us to learn more about our landlord referral programme.

Regulation and high standards? We’ve been doing it all along

It’s been interesting to follow the progress of the introduction of the Residential Property Managers Bill, which closes for submissions next month. The bill aims to set a minimum standard for property managers by establishing a set of ground rules to work to, including establishing insurance requirements for landlords, operating an audited trust account, and having a practicing license.

This is great news for the industry and will certainly further enhance professional standards – however it’s something we’ve been doing since the get-go, and as our clients know, we’ve been setting the standard as Hamilton’s leading property management agency for years. Regardless, we’ll keep you updated on the bill’s progress as it passes through the parliamentary reading gauntlet!

Hamilton growth continues, rental market remains buoyant

Signs continue to point to Hamilton’s population and economic growth, which parallel the need for quality rentals in the city and its surrounds. The recently released quarterly growth stats from Hamilton City Council continue to emphasise the reason why Hamilton is worth investing in with most metrics up on last quarter:

  • GDP is up 2% to $3.4 billion.
  • Spending is up 4% to $733 million.
  • The median house price is up 1% to $755,000.
  • Employment is up 4.4%.

These figures, combined with increased net migration levels, continue to show purchasing a rental property in Hamilton is a worthy investment to make.