10 Top home decor ideas to help sell your house

2 Nov 2023 The Lodge Real Estate Team


You’ve made the decision to sell your house, but it’s looking a bit weary. A bit of home improvement could go a long way to modernising your interior and increasing the value of your property.

But before you jump straight on the renovation bandwagon, here are 10 of the best interior design ideas to spruce up your home decor – without giving your wallet cold sweats in the process.

Paint your kitchen cupboards—and replace the handles

With a simple kitchen renovation costing around $20,000 in New Zealand, a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cupboards is a cheap and easy way to liven up your cooking space. Updating your cupboard handles with something more modern can also make a surprising difference.

Replace your shower fittings

For a simple, cost-effective way to revamp your bathroom, switch out your tarnished showerhead and taps for something more modern. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your tap choices too.

If you are going to spend any money on making over your bathroom, replace your toilet and sink. These are the two things that have the most potential to turn-off prospective buyers if they are not in good condition. Nothing is more off-putting than a grotty loo.

Declutter and depersonalise

Buyers will likely be put off by clutter as it typically makes the home look uncared for and messy. Remove any unnecessary clutter and keep surfaces clean. Store away personal items such as family photos, kids' awards, religious items, etc. It is important that the buyer can imagine themselves living in the house.

Go from rags to rugs

Speaking of worn carpets, a rug can help detract from your flooring situation—and brighten up your lounge. Recent research has also found that wool carpets and rugs can improve the air quality in your home.

Add a touch of nature

Just because there’s a growing trend for apartment living, doesn’t mean you have to leave nature behind. Indoor plants can make a unique feature in any room—whether it’s flowers in the bathroom, herbs in the kitchen or a unique cactus in your lounge.

Create space and light with mirrors

The right mirror can bring extra light and a sense of space to your bathroom, lounge and bedrooms. In the right place, a mirror can act like a piece of art and brighten up a dull corner.

Add metal

A new trend that’s set to stick around is metal features, such as a metallic wall hangings and lighting fixtures. Metal objects can work well in a variety of housing styles and colour schemes—and they often don’t break the bank. You can find low-cost interest pieces and lighting fixtures at places like The Warehouse or Mitre 10.

Improve lighting

Lighting controls colour, mood and the usability of a space. A poorly lit kitchen is not going to be especially user-friendly if you have to squint to read a recipe. Consider whether the lighting you have in each room is appropriate, and update and replace any fittings where needed. And before an open day, check the lightbulbs are working!

Update the curtains

Still rocking the vertical door blinds that the house came with? Perhaps it’s time to update to curtains. Keep in mind that, if you’ve already used cushions and rugs to splash some colour throughout your house, a neutral curtain colour might work better.


A fresh coat of paint will do your home wonders. With the growing move towards an indoor lifestyle, it’s becoming more popular to bring elements of the outdoors into our indoor places with earthy tones, greens and spring colours that bring a dash of nature to the walls. If you want to play it safe, nuanced whites and greys are still very popular.

Tip: When picking your paint, keep in mind that dark paint will draw attention to any damage on your walls. Lighter colours, on the other hand, will help soften any imperfections.