Why it's a good idea to use a buyer's agent

25 Sep 2023 The Lodge Real Estate Team


Whether it’s your first or your tenth, using a buyer’s agent can make the process of buying a home smooth and uncomplicated, and save you precious time in our busy world.

Did you know it’s free to use a buyer’s agent? There’s a reason to find one right away! They work on your behalf as the buyer, whereas the agent selling the home also has an obligation to their vendor. This means your buyer’s agent will be impartial and offer their honest opinion on the homes they show you.

Buyer’s agents are great for giving you insights into the local market and can help you do your homework before you even look at a property. According to Lodge agent Brenda Beale, this is crucial in a market like Hamilton.

“People might come to me and rule out a whole suburb straight away, based on information they’ve received through word-of-mouth. However, in Hamilton there are often good and bad sides to each suburb, and so in writing off a whole area you may be missing out on some great houses.

“A buyer’s agent is great for those coming from out of town who don’t know the local market and suburbs. They provide insider knowledge and can advise you on what to watch out for,” says Brenda.

These days, most people look at real estate listings online. Those working alone are dependent on seeing what comes up online. However, a buyer’s agent can help you find a property before it even gets marketed publicly and may help steer you in the direction of a listing you may not have considered otherwise.

Saving time is always a priority. Trying to attend every open home you want to look at can take up your whole weekend. Buyer’s agents can arrange viewings out of the set open home times, co-ordinating visits for you and acting as your chauffeur – great if you’re new to the area or coming on a day trip from another city or town.

“Hamilton is also unique in that your buyer’s agent can take you through listings from other agencies, so you’re not limited to those listed by Lodge,” says Brenda.

Buyer’s agents are particularly beneficial for first home buyers, who haven’t been through the process of buying a house before. A buyer’s agent can prepare you for bidding at auction, coach you through the offer process and guide you through to making the sale unconditional.

So, if you’re keen to make the process of buying a house as easy as possible, get in touch with a buyer’s agent at Lodge today.

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