Get a real Real Estate

28 Oct 2022 The Lodge Real Estate Team

Thinking about a career in real estate sales? We talk to new real estate agent Kristina Emson, not-so-new agent Blair Pointon, and our Managing Director Jeremy O'Rourke about how to prepare for and what you need to know when you enter the competitive world of real estate.

Megan Smith

Jeremy O'Rourke, Managing Director

A self-described ‘enthusiast’, Jeremy O’Rourke has grown a career out of high energy, big dreams, a strong work ethic, and the utmost belief that the key to great leadership is creating more leaders around you.

After completing a Bachelor of Management Studies and graduating with Honours (BMS Hons) at the University of Waikato, Jeremy went on to spend 7 years with Reebok as a Marketing Manager. Looking for a new challenge, in 1997 he channelled his natural ability for sales into the real estate industry.

By 2008 he was in the Managing Director’s chair. His influence on company performance and sales is evident, with Lodge performing well each year in the REINZ Waikato/BOP Awards.

Kristina Emson

Blair Pointon

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